8 Eateries in Atlanta

8 Eateries in Atlanta

  1. O4W Pizzeria:

Are you a pizza lover? Well, if that’s the case then the O4W pizzeria is the best place for you. Enjoy the scrumptious, and mouth watering pizza which is served with dripping cheese. This pizza parlour is a world renounced place which is best known for its margherita like Grandma Pie. Many tourists from around the world come to Atlanta only to give their taste buds a kick of the spices available in this Pizzeria. The place offers a wide range of options both for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. So, choose your best pick and enjoy the mouth watering pizzas.

  1. Masterpiece

This is a restaurant in Atlanta which is owned by a family. It started off as a family business and soon became a huge success thus it attracts many tourists from all aorund the globe

The tasty dishes of top notch quality by chef Rui Liu are well known by many that choose to travel to this place. They offer a wide variety of Chinese food such different typee noodles, beef, duck, and much more. If you like a little extra chilli in your food , then this is your go to place. It is the best place for a family gathering.

  1. Jang Su Jang

This place is the one stop destianation for good Korean food while on your trip to Atlanta. It is a widely renouned restaurant which has been in the makrekt for around 10 years rd and this has maintained it good reputation of offering good quality food to its customers. One can enjoy the taste of the traditional Korean dishes like Kalbi which is the best barbecueed beef rib in the market. This place is a delight for beef lovers and those that love traditional Korean food. Also, the Tofu Stew is a star seller here as it is loved by many that choose to come to this place while on their vacation to Atlanta with their family and friends. Calm your taste buds by enjoying this good Korean style food.

  1. Spring

The spring restaurant is the best place for French style cooking. The chefs at the spring have the best French techniques which makes their food worth tasting. One visit to this restaurant will make you want to come back to it again and again. They offer a very good menu to those that choose to visit this place with their pals. It is best for a cozy family dinner to enjoy while on your holiday to Atlanta. Do make sure to pre book a reservation before going to this restaurant. There are many that want to eat here, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand. Also, if you are wine lover, then this is your go to place. This place offers the best wines ever

  1. Rumi’s Kitchen

Are you in for some Persian food? Well..Rumi’s Kitchen is widely known for its Persian style cooking. It is situated in the Sandy Springs of Atlanta, it just doesn’t offer its customers Persian food but also top notch services. Not to forget the wine which is served with the food makes your whole experience at this place unforgettable. Make sure to visit this place with your family members if you wish to taste the best Persian food in Atlanta while on your holiday there. Make sure to try the starters mirza ghasemi which is well smoked eggplant which is topped with fine tomato and super finely chopped garlic. Your dish would be incomplete without trying these starters. This restaurant has two locations in Atlanta.

  1. Sushi Hayakawa

This is ranked as one of the top restaurants in Atlanta. Are you a fish lover? Well, if that’s the case then Sushi Hayakawa is the place for you to visit with your family and friends while on your holiday to Atlanta. This restaurant offers fish that is of super fine quality as it gets freshly imported from Japan. This is what makes it such a hight quality restaurant, thus making it rank that the top in the whole of Atlanta. So make sure to get your reservations made beforehand as it is always fully packed with people all around the world who choose to travel this place and visit this restaurant with their pals. The 14 course meal offered at this place is the best seller.

  1. Snackboxe Bistro

This Bistro offers mixed cuisines with traditional Lao dishes as well as good street food. A visit to this Bistro will make you want to keep visiting it again and again. The food offered here will be friendly with your pocket as well as your taste buds. If you are running in a low budget then make sure to visit this place while on your trip to Atlanta. Who says you can’t get good food in a small budget? Breaking all the stereotypical norms, Snackboxe Bistro brings to you good quality food that will suit your budget. Do try the khao poon,which is a spicy noodle soup or the well cooked steamed fish.

7. Heirloom Market BBQ

Who doesn’t like good, barbecued meat? Well, this place offers you the best cooked meat in Atlanta. The restaurant does not have a lot go seating space, so the best thing would be to grab a take away only. This is mainly because the chefs are more concerned about the good taste and quality of the food they offer to their customers. Make sure to try the Korean food, also the southern area inspired barebqued food. You will not be disappointed on your visit to this eatery while on your holiday to Atlanta. Not to forget that they serve the best stew ever.

  1. Porch Light Latin Kitchen

Who does not like their Pork that too in a Latina style cooking? This Kitchen will offer you a wide range of meats that too grilled and smoked well. If you are a lover of meat and that too either grilled or smoked, then this is your go to place. Make sure to try the Puerto Rican spices that this place offers to it’d customers who choose to visit this place while on their trip to Atlanta with their pals. Do try the mouth watering ribs, and the scrumpite pork belly.


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