Best time to fly from USA to India

Best Time to Fly From USA to India

Whether you are an avid traveller or planning the journey to beat the blues or on a business tour…….. The first question while booking a flight ticket that pops up into the mind ….. Is it the appropriate time??? Followed by …… how can I save the expenditure of such hefty amount on the air tickets??

When it comes to travelling to India, the tremendous geographical and climatic variation makes it a little mind-boggling to decide for an ideal time to fly to India.

Alexa Travel being your true travel companion is here to provide you some tips and tricks to fly more and save more. So, grab the opportunity of visiting the magical land of India with lowest expenditure by carefully considering some facts.

Say No to weekends

As we know that weekends are marked for fun and enjoyment, hence, people travel more often on weekends as compared to the weekdays with instant or previous bookings building a hike on the airfares. Therefore, it’s always advantageous to book flights on weekdays.

Cheapest Day of the Month to Fly to India

Weekdays are preferable to go for airline booking to India, but it’s not like every day is equally favourable.

The cheapest day to book a flight is Tuesday especially the midnight with approximately 6% discount accounting up to 200 USD on the prices as compared to weekends being the most expensive ones.

Cheapest Month of the Year to Fly to India

The air fares for India are usually lower between April 1 – May 30 and September 1 – October 31, in lieu of the sweltering summers accompanied with humidity. However a significant rise in the prices of air travel is observed between June 14 – July 14 and December 12- December 24 with the hike in number of visitors because of the pleasant climate in the majority of regions of India, and the tourists often visit to explore the Land of Gods with a soothing breeze and witness the drizzling rain pours or the soothing winter with a brightly shining sun.

That’s not all…. February is considered the cheapest month to fly to India as you can have an approximate saving of 18 per cent your on airfare.

If you are planning your trip in advance and getting your air tickets 22 weeks prior to travelling you can have the saving of around 15 per cent as the cheapest flight tickets from India are generally available 22 weeks in advance of travel.

Get along on your travelling spree with Alexa travel and avail unimaginable prices for your flight tickets.

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