Cancellations and Alterations Policy

The process of cancellation of tickets is subjected to the Cancellation Policy and it differs with every offer. In case of any query, contact via mail or call on toll free number prior to booking.

The rescheduling or cancellation of flight times and routes in the event of political or environmental changes is beyond the control of the company. In such situations we can cancel or make alterations to confirmed bookings. The client will be notified as soon as possible along with some convenient rearrangements in accordance of circumstances.

At least one flight will be offered equivalent to the standard of your original booked flight without charging any extra amount from you. If the fare amount decreases then a refund will be made on your extra payment. If the client denies availing the offer presented by the company then a full refund is made.

*Note- the aforementioned services are not applicable in case of a minor change which does not cause a substantial delay.

Important: All airline bookings are on non-returnable basis unless otherwise described in the offer.


Any amendments made in the bookings after purchase of tickets are restricted to the rules and regulations of the airline fares. The timings and date of Flight allotted to clients are specifically subject to change in accordance to the availability of seats and payment confirmation from the client and airline. If case of payment after the prescribed time frame, some additional costs may be charged by the airline according to the norms.

In the case of cancellation of tickets, there will be deduction for the charges for agent’s bill and administrative costs from the refund payment.