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Diwali Celebration In India 2019: Book Tickets and Get Discount

Diwali or Deepawali, literally “the row of Lights”, holds an enormous significance for the people of India. In spite of being a culturally diverse, Diwali is celebrated throughout the country with enthusiasm and passion setting aside the religious differences.

The reason

The festivity manifesting the win of good over evil is celebrated in the honor of return of Lord Rama back home after completing 14 years of exile and demolishing the terror of demon Ravana.

The mythology behind the celebrations of Diwali in South India is the defeat of the demon Narkasur by Lord Krishna and on this day the demon is bestowed with a boon by his mother upon his request that celebration of his death will be a festival of colorful lights for everyone.

In western India there is a belief that on this day the demon King Bali was sent to rule the nether world by Lord Krishna.With the mesmerising lightning, people worship Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) to bestow her blessings and maintain prosperity with a credence that the goddess has incarnated on this day from the substantial Samudra Manthan (churning of cosmic ocean).

Sikhs commemorate this day as the release of sixth guru, Guru Hargobind along with 52 Hindu Kings from the prison of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.


The festival is embarked with cleaning and decorating houses and workplaces. This auspicious occasion is celebrated with astonishing scintillating lights and gleaming diyas and lamps to illuminate the darkest night of Hindu Lunisolar month. The felicity and mesmerizing views of bursting crackers leaves everyone enchanted. The merrymaking is incomplete without new apparels, exotic dishes and most importantly exchange of gifts and worshipping.

Auspicious date

The festivities start 20 days prior to the main day with the celebration of Dusshera and this 5 days festival goes on with Dhanteras and Bhai Dooj. This year the auspicious day is falling on 27 October, 2019.

Cheapest flights

This festivity is enhanced when accompanied with the love and blessings of your loved ones. People move from all across the world to visit their family and feel the exuberance of the occasion. Along with this many tourists come along to catch a glimpse of the biggest festival of India.

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