Go On a Luxury Air Travel With Avianca

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Go On a Luxury Air Travel With Avianca

Avianca’s establishment

Avianca is a world-famous airlines in Colombia. It came into existence in the year of 1919 on the 5th of December. And it has been carrying a multitude of passengers ever since then. Avianca has its base at Bogota and has its major hub at the El Dorado International Airport. Avianca is the largest airline that is functioning in Colombia. And it is well known as the second-largest functioning airline in Latin America.

Avianca- A member of the star alliance

Becoming a member of the star alliance was what gave Avianca the boost it needed to get more passengers to fly with the Airline from the U.S to India. Star Alliance is one of the world’s largest alliances in terms of companies providing air travel. This star alliance was established in the year 1997 on the 14th of May. It has its base in Frankfurt.

Luggage allowance for Avianca Airlines

  1. For Domestic flights:

Tourist class:

For Adults: Those adults traveling with Avianca in tourist class are permitted to carry 23 Kgs of weight. They are allowed to carry one piece of luggage which has to weigh up to 23Kgs. In case the weight is more than 23Kgs, then the passenger will be charged extra for the extra weight per Kg the passenger is carrying.

For Children: All children between the age group of 2 to 12 years are allowed to carry one standard piece of bag. It should weigh 23Kgs according to the Baggage allowance policy given by Avianca airlines. If the weight of the bag is more than the mentioned 23Kgs, the passenger will be charged extra for each extra Kg they are carrying.

For Infants: All infants between the age group of 0 to 2 years are permitted to carry on a piece of standard luggage of weight 10 kgs.


For Adults: Those adults traveling with Avianca in business class are permitted to carry two standard pieces of luggage weighing 32Kgs each. The overall weight of the luggage is supposed to sum up to 32 plus 32 each. In case there is any difference in the weight according to the baggage policy set by the Avianca airlines, the traveler will be charged an extra amount for every extra Kg that they will carry.

For Children: Those children between the age group of 2 years to 12 years are allowed to carry two standard pieces of luggage each weighing 32 Kgs. The weight has to be exact in the case of the business class. In case the passenger is carrying any extra weight more than the mentioned 32Kgs then they will have to pay extra for the additional luggage that they are carrying.

For Infants: All infants between the age group of 0 to 2 years are permitted to carry on a piece of standard luggage of weight 10 kgs.

Check-in for Avianca Airlines

Say no to the ques at the airport with the online check in facility available for you at Avianca airlines.

The online check in service at Avianca airlines is applicable only for:

Those passengers that have confirmed their air ticket booking and have a printed ticket. All the disabled passengers can make the most of this facility as they won’t have to stand in the ques.

In case you require a special service then you can avail the benefits of this online check-in E-tickets. Do you wish to know the services which you can expect from us if you choose to travel with Avian airlines? Book cheap flight now with Alexa Travel and get ready to cherish the adorable moment at affordable range.

Get the best offers:

Avianca Airlines deals offer ultimate services on the ground and in flight.

Assistance for minors: For unaccompanied minors, we offer:

  • Check-in assistance,
  • Private escort to the boarding gate and
  • Travel coordinated with cabin crew.

Extra luggage:

We also allow extra baggage and a stroller or bassinet for passengers traveling with infants along with an option of avail a limited number of cribs available on board.

Special attention for ill patient travelers:

Avianca Airlines also provides special assistance such as a limited medical oxygen supply service, oxygen concentrator uses permit, passenger-provided incubators, and stretchers on board besides paying extra attention to pregnant women and passengers with serious illness.

Avianca Travel Classes:

  • Avianca Airlines has both Economy and Business Class travel options for the convenience of its passengers.
  • You can opt for more space at the front of the cabin through AM Plus, an Economy Plus option or enjoy in-seat power, fully flatbed reclining seats teamed with a personal on-demand entertainment system at the Premier segment.

Welcome our loyalty program at Avianca!

Club Premier is the free loyalty program designed to give you incredible rewards and premier points just for flying with Avianca Airlines or by purchasing goods or services through any of its partners. It also has pet’s special baggage, baggage wrapping services and track lost baggage services.

The Most Digital Airlines of Colombia

Avianca believes in digital innovation to improve flight experiences.

  • We’re the first airlines to introduce Netflix access to our aircrafts. Our -in-flight Wi-fi services are amazingly fast so you browse the internet, send mails, and remain in touch with your friends and family during your travel.
  • Avianca airlines’ internet facilities are sponsored by Panasonic and Gogo Vision. iv.We’re continuously entering into new partnerships, making upgrades and efforts to improve our digital facilities:

Avianca airlines co-sponsored the launch of Mass Challenge in Colombia

We’ve completely overhauled our website to further simplify the Avianca Bookings Process for our passengers. The Avianca Customer Service staff is tech-savvy, and digitally equipped to resolve all your queries in the shortest and most efficient ways.


Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

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Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

The Tri-valley, a triangular-shaped region on the eastern side of San Francisco bay hills is a true-blue experience for visitors. This beyond the world destination is just 18 miles south-east of Oakland and 33 miles from San Francisco, enclosing the beautiful cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville.

You might have a thought ….. What these exteriors of California have to offer for your special vacation. Let’s explore a valley constituting of three valleys, Amador Valley, Livermore Valley and San Ramon Valley that merge below Mt Diablo.

The region set amidst rolling hills comprising of restaurants, cafes, theatres, one-of-a-kind boutiques, bustling events, and approximately 55 wineries offers a melange of things to do and enjoy and you definitely find one thing or the other that make you fall in love with this spectacular place. Alexa Travel is your travel companion and fulfills your desire for a perfect vacation.


Livermore Valley is a heaven for wine lovers pioneered by Robert Livermore tracing its origin to 1883. The perfect way to discover north California’s hidden Wine County is Livermore Wine Trolley.

A ticket on the Livermore Valley Wine Trolley takes you to the luscious landscapes providing you the exquisite experience of wine-tasting. Hop aboard the trolley and have the Taste of Livermore in line with your choices. What more??? Discounts….yay! yeah numerous discounts are there for you at the wineries as well as restaurant coupons for downtown Livermore restaurants.

Sshhhhh…. Complimentary wine-tasting is offered by many wineries. Customize your tour wisely.


Want to leave behind your humdrum routine and undergo a grandiose vacation???? Choose a personalized tour on a safe and reliable limousine to the most exclusive wineries with your very own professional chauffeur.


Why get confined to just tasting of wine when you can explore the viticulture and wine-making practices along with the uniqueness of USS Rubino. This transformed WW2 Duck Boat renders a tour around the adjoining estate to have a glance at Rubino’s mesmerizing vineyards. So, just sit back and get amused as the Tour Captains turn back the pages of history and guide you into the vineyard. In addition to this, you take the leisure in tasting award-winning wine and enjoy the mouth-watering food-wine pairing.


Have you ever wondered of making a bottle of wine all by yourself??? Turn your dream into reality and uncork your inner winemaker at Wente’s Winemakers Studio. This thrilling adventure includes tasting, evaluation, and blending of estate blocks of wine to craft your own bottle. The dazzling experience does not end here. Wente’s Winemaking has a lot more to offer you – Get to Know Pinot, Wine & Food Pairing Experience, Dessert and Wine Pairing and Tiny Bubbles Wait ….. The fascination has not ended yet. I’m aware that spelunking is a passion … but what happens when it is in a wine cave? Yes, Wente Vineyard’s historic sandstone caves provide a special underground wine and cheese pairing experience. In this unique setting, the history of Wente’s longstanding family-owned operations is unveiled. Is your palate aware of the taste of different wines?? A distinctive class is organized by Wente Vineyard that challenges its guests to rely on their sense of smell and taste to anticipate the wine instead of their sight. This luscious and learning exposure for amateurs and sommeliers alike focuses on the distinct differences between various varietals and how to identify them.


Board the Blue Brew Bus to come across the ever-emerging craft beer scene. This out-of-the-ordinary bus tour incorporates a convenient pick-up and drop-off facility at local Bart stations, an insight of 3 craft breweries lead by tour guides, a “cheers beer” at the time of boarding, a souvenir tasting glass, and exciting discounts at breweries. Don’t get deceived by the bus’s retro chassis as it encompasses a state-of-art interior with complete with first-rate sound system with the lightning that flashes to the beat along with two refrigerated coolers to provide chilled supplies.


The historically significant installation in an extensive auto gallery featuring one-of-a-kind productions is a peculiarity of The Blackhawk Museum. The museum is a platform for several cultural exhibits including The Spirit of the Old West, Into China and Art of Africa. Docent-guided tours with 10 or more members are organized to the auto gallery. (the tours have admissions on every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm and the first Friday of the month at 2 pm. The Old West tours are arranged on the second Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm.)


A wine bus! Doesn’t it sound so amazing and gratifying? Relish the pleasure of a two-hour-long wine tasting expedition on a completely customized wine bus with wine barrel seats and vintage-inspired decor. The comprehensive excursion throughout the vineyards and production facility is embarked at the tasting room. The ecstasy grows by witnessing the journey of grapes from wine to bottle. At the historic water tower, the facilitation of siting and wine pairing is there. The journey is concluded with Ruby Hill port and chocolate.

Get ready to explore the magnificent and sensual tri-valley with your friends or that someone special. Prepare your bag packs and plan your exotic trip with Alexa Travel. Ready! Set! Get Lost in the world of scenic beauty with wine. If you are looking for flight deals to India from USA then by choosing us, you are just selecting the best.

5 Airport Tips For a First-Timer Flyer

By alexatravel on October 24, 2019 Travel Tips

5 Airport Tips For a First-Timer Flyer

1. Pack your luggage wisely
If it is your first time travelling by air, then make sure to pack properly. It is important to weigh your bag before reaching the airport. Also, make sure to keep your luggage light and not heavy as it will be easier for you to carry it while on your journey and in between check-ins. It is essential to keep a check of what all you need to carry and keep a record of it beforehand. Do carry out a thorough check on how much weight your airline permits you to carry. These numbers may differ from one airline to another which solely depends on which airline you have chosen for your air travel. The reason why it is advised to check the luggage eight beforehand or carry a portable weight checker is to avoid getting charged for carrying extra weight in your luggage. So, it is better to pack right before getting into so much trouble .

2. Flight ticket booking

Flight booking is an easy task but that is only if you get your ticket booked from a well trusted place. Getting a cheap, pocket friendly air ticket from an entrusted portal is a difficult task, but do not worry about it as we at Alexa Travel have come to your rescue. If it is your first time booking an air ticket, then make sure to go through the companies credentials properly before booking a ticket. This will keep you from getting fooled by those eye-catchy deals which in reality are a scam. Make sure to check the different deals that have been mentioned on our website thealexatravel.com for a wonderful air travel experience with the best.

3. Reaching the airport on time

For a first-timer, the best advice would be to reach the airport an hour before the given time. If the airport is far from your place, then make sure to leave way earlier before the given time. It is better to reach early and wait at the airport than to reach late and miss the flight. The best thing to do would be to reach the airport an hour early when boarding a domestic flight and 3 hours early before boarding an international flight. This will help you save on all the hassle that is usually involved during the check-in. Reaching early will also give you the opportunity to explore the airport well.

On arriving at the airport:

  • Make sure to have your air ticket in hand reach. You will keep needing it during your check-in. Also, keep an extra copy or a screenshot of your ticket just to be on the safer side.
  • Keep your ID card in hand, as it will be checked during your check in
  • Make sure to get your luggage scanned and weighed properly
  • Do not keep any breakable items in your check-in baggage.

4. The security check

Before going through the security check make sure to remove all jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or any belts as they will set the alarm during the security check if you do not remove them during the check in process. It would be better not to wear them during your travel or to remove them before getting into the security check.

5. Identification mark on your luggage

Make sure to put an identification mark on your luggage. This is a must as there might be chances of other people carrying the same color of bag like yours. To avoid any kind of confusion while check-in or receiving your bags, an identification mark would be the best to help you find your bag. This saves on a lot of time and enables you to go about the check-in and check out procedure with ease and comfort.

Flight got delayed or cancelled..Why, What, How to do???

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Flight got delayed or cancelled..Why, What, How to do???

Your flight has been delayed/ cancelled.” This statement strikes as a bummer. With every forwarding step towards the airport, every traveller dread the fateful situation of your flight getting delayed or worse, cancelled. The moment you hear this announcement that you are stranded, you got panic and a sudden burst of multiple thoughts cloud your judgement with a scenarios of what to do and what not to do…….. We have learnt it the hard way that you can never have guarantee of your flight schedule. Why get troubled when travel fly deals is here for troubleshooting. We know that there’s no fun way of dealing with this situation and the delays and cancellation is a part of air travel so, we will give a deep insight to the whole scenario.

Why flights get delayed or cancelled? Yeah….Why?

Why all this happen in the first place???

This is the prime question that pops up into the mind and there can be a number of reasons for this. Let’s have a glimpse into the most common factors

  • From the past three decades the count of passengers get approximately three-fold so, along with this rise the number of reasons for people boarding the flight late like health hazards, hunger or even over some petty fights.
  • With this ever-increasing travellers the number of flights increases in conjunction to this hence, your flights gets delayed in accordance with the air traffic restrictions of like changing routes or radar coverage.
  • We all concur to the fact that aircraft technology is improving with each passing day, but this still can’t put a halt to emerging technical problems which obviously needs to be documented and addressed because “safety comes first” and YES….. This causes a delay in your flight or sometimes be the reason of cancellation.
  • The factor why your aircraft is grounded id the regulations ensuring the rest of their crew which gets prolonged due to the delay of the previous flight.
  • Now, you can neither anticipate nor fight this factor –“act of God”. There are many instances when the flight get delayed and after that cancelled because of the adverse weather conditions.

Sometimes you get encountered with the most astonishing reasons like a UFO siting, long security lines, striking of a lightning bolt or the strike of the conjunction of birds, however most of the time you get to hear the most common expression “operational reasons” as if it serves as the waiver of every responsibility. There can be plenty of reasons for the terrible situation but you should be aware of the techniques of handling if you got stuck amidst the situation (hopefully which will not happen ever- prepare for the worst).

How to manage??

As a customer, you should be aware of your rights and power (they are quite few, but preparation is must). Initially, you need to enquire about the reason of the delay or cancellation of your flight then don’t be afraid to ask for the compensation from the airlines (some companies consider customer demand as the best option).

In US specifically, after a delayed flight airlines provide you with compensation according to some regulations, however, many airlines have their own rule book opt for what’s called a Contract of Carriage, which states that you are entitled to Potential food vouchers, discounts, refunds, or a hotel stay in the event of a flight delay when the airline is at fault.

If the flight is cancelled with the effect of adverse weather conditions then it comes under act of God, and you are entitled to any compensation. But, if the cancellation is due to any mistake of airline or airplane, then you have all the rights to avail about meal and accommodation vouchers and even shuttle ride to and from the hotel to avoid any panicking situation for the next flight.

It is easier to handle cancellations when you have your carry-on bags alongside you, but in case it not and airline has to reroute your checked baggage (which might take a little extra time), then your bags will get delivered to your destination without any extra expenses. In this case just ensure to have the receipts of your luggage till the moment you get your baggage.

If you have to linger for the night( in wait of the next flight) and your toiletries moved with your checked luggage then you can have an amenity kit containing some essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, a sleep mask, lip balm, ear plugs, lotion, etc. from the baggage service office of the airline. (Under Article 22 of Montreal Convention the customer is entitled to a maximum pay-out of approximately 5870USD when proven with the evidences of financial loss which could be avoided with the reasonable measures of the airlines) So, here’s a special note- to read all terms and conditions carefully before making any reservation and try to keep those handy. If you are on the check-in counter when you get this awful news then stay there and try to get rebooked on the spot, if not applicable (connection or delay to the destination) then you have the right to get a refund of your ticket.

Remember not to fall asleep awaiting your delayed flight. Sometimes, the airplane is ready prior to the prescribed time and if you don’t heed to announcements then you might miss your flight and be left there (without any compensation). Along with some out of the ordinary situations you are not entitled to any compensation if you got the information regarding the cancellation of flight two weeks before the departure or you are provided with a re-routing facility between 2 weeks to 7 days prior to departure scheduling your departure time not more than 2 hours before and your arrival time 4 hours after as planned and if the information gets to you in less than 7 days then the departure time can be 1 hour before with the arrival time of 2 hours after as pre-scheduled.

To gather more information for your compensation and to get your claim you can have a look at the EU regulation 261 (provided your flight is eligible under this regulation). I know the knowledge your flight getting delayed/cancelled is frustrating and spoils your travel plans in one go, but try not to panic and not to exasperate on the airline employees as it’s not their fault that you are facing this situation (being friendly comes out to be added advantage in getting compensation or re-routing). And don’t forget that Alexa Travel is at your service and make no stone unturned to facilitate you a safe and hassle-free journey.

How Much Gold Can a Traveller Carry Into India

By alexatravel on October 19, 2019 Travel Tips

How Much Gold Can a Traveller Carry Into India

How much gold you can carry to India from wedding to investment, there are lots of reasons which proves how much we Indians are obsessed with gold. Gold is the highly demanding asset and its value increases day by day. We can convert it into cash in an emergency. In need of this help as a friend, we Indians love to buy gold from foreign countries due to their low costs and quality.

But from past some years, there are so many prohibitive conditions and customs duty on this yellow metal by government. This import is disheartening for many people from India who used to buy gold from abroad many of you will have the same question in your mind is that how much gold now you can carry , what type of gold materials you can carry with yourself etc. So if you are in this dilemma then this post is only for you because we compiled a list of some important questions which will help you and overcome your stress.

What is the duty-free subsidy on gold for Indian passengers?

An Indian who has been staying in a foreign country for more than one year is permitted to bring jeweler up to an approximate weight of :

  • For the male passenger, the maximum limit is 20 grams.
  • For the female passenger, the maximum limit is 40 grams.

Is any subsidy applicable to kids also?

Yes, of course the duty-free subsidy on gold is applicable to kids also.

Can you bring a gold biscuit within the subsidy amount?

No, you can’t bring the gold biscuit within your subsidy amount. the duty-free subsidy is only on the gold jewelry. For any other form such as coin, biscuits you will have to pay the duty charges as per the rule of the Indian government.

From which method they calculate the gold price?

They calculate the gold price based on the value provided by the government of India. This value fluctuates with time, as per the market rates.

What is the maximum limit of gold that can bring after the free subsidy amount?

The person who has an Indian passport and if he is staying in abroad from at least 6 months then he can bring approximate 1 kg of gold along with him.

What are the criteria if not completed six months abroad? In that case, probably your subsidy charges will increase on all of your golds which will you bring along with yourself.

Why Receive Export certificate?

This certificate is issued by the customs department. This certificate consists of information such as details, weight, and description of the item. Departing passengers from India are eligible to take an export certificate for the jewelry or any high rated items. An export certificate is valid for a maximum of 3 years and in these 3 years you can bring your item to India at any of time without any disturbance, you only need to bring this certificate with your respective items along with you.

 Is it necessary to declare the gold?

Yes definitely if you have gold, above the free duty subsidy than you will have to declare it. In this case, No declaration of gold can be the cause of the penalty, not only penalty even you may be arrested too.

 Is any alternate option for those who don’t have money to pay duty charges?

If you are not able to pay money as the duty charge of your gold than the custom keep your gold with itself until you return. And whenever you are returning back from India they hand over to you your gold. So here these are some crucial information which you must know before carrying the gold while traveling in India, now we hope that this post will really are helpful for you especially for those who are visiting for the first time.

Explore these winter destinations in India this Year

By alexatravel on October 14, 2019 Family Vocation

Explore these winter destinations in India this Year

This winter says bye to your boring workaholic life and makes it adventures and delight. Get up people and pack your bags and explore your favorite destination in India from USA at the cheapest price.

If you are a traveler and want to explore India in this winter then this post is definitely for you, here we compiled a full list of some most highlighted destinations in India which you must visit at least once.


Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and popularly known as the pink city of India.

The city is famous for its royal beauty in all over the world and in the winter season, the city organizes many popular festivals which will definitely gives you internal pleasure and also in this weather you can be the witness of amazing sightseeing views of this royal place of India.

Hawa Mahal, city palace, Amer fort, Jal mahal, and janitor mantra will defiantly attract you from there memorizing beauty.


After seeing the royal beauty of Jaipur Rajasthan has one more blast and that is Udaipur. You can also say one of the most popular romantic destinations of India and it is popularly known as the Venice of Asia. This city is spotted with remarkable palaces and heritage sites which are turned in some famous and luxurious hotels now. You can have a boat ride and get the delightful experience of sightseeing with your loved one. The beauty of jag mandir, city palace, and lake Pichhola will defiantly take your heart. Udaipur is one of the best places to visit in winter.


Can’ t go France don’t worry you can go Puducherry anytime and feel like you are in France. It has rich French colonies which will take you to France surely. The main tourist spot in Puducherry is basilica of the scared heart of Jesus, Pondicherry museum and immaculate conception cathedral which will surely attract you.


Munnar is located in Kerala, and it is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. You can do so many adventures there such as: “trekking, rock climbing etc) usually you can visit Munnar in any of the months but winter gives you more adventure at Munnar with its marvelous sightseeing views. Anamudi, TATA Tea museum and Eravikulam national park is the famous tourist sight in Munnar.


when you will see the history you will get to know that Karnataka was the center of most powerful empires of medieval and ancient India. Karnataka is one of the most popular choices for tourism in India. Ancient model temples , well-established city, dense Forrests in Karnataka are the full package of the tour with the cocktail of adventure and peace. The breathtaking view of Jog waterfall will defiantly make you insane and also the beauty of Coorg hill station Karnataka will surely attract you.


Mysore is also famous for its royalty. The remarkable places of Mysore will mesmerize you with its royal beauty. Not only the paces intact the food such as mouthwatering Mysore Pak will leave the remarkable dot on your heart. There is no place in Mysore which you want to skip. Trust me this royal city is one of the best places in India to visit in winter.Famous tourist attraction of Mysore is Mysore zoo, Mysore palace, and Jaganmohan palace.


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and also famous as the queen of hills in India. And Shimla is the most highlighted and one of the popular places to visit in India especially in winter. This city has its own charm and it leaves the remarkable dot on the hearts through its amazing beauty. You can get the experience of heavy snowfall in the valley in winter and also you can do an adventure like ice skating and skiing in winter.

Jakhu temple and Shimla ridge will defiantly attract you with its beauty. You must visit Shimla at least once in life.


Manali one of the famous hill station of India and of course how can we all forget “ yeh jawani hai deewani”.this the most highlighted destination for adventure here you can get the experience of trekking, skiing , you can enjoy the adventure of tent life while your Manali trekking trip.

The mesmerizing beauty of Rohtang pass, Solang valley, and Bhrigu lake will definitely attract you the most


Rishikesh is also famous as the adventure capital of India and winter is the best time to visit in Rishikesh. You may cherish yourself with various adventure activities such as bungee jumping, clip jumping, flying fox and river rafting.

If you are fond of such adventure things then you must visit Rishikesh at least once in a life.

So, here some best places in India to visit in winter so now leave the boring life and fill your life with lots of memories and adventure activities. But before packing your bags pleas do like, share and comment on this post.

Best Airlines to Travel between USA and India

By alexatravel on September 27, 2019 Travel Tips

Planning a trip to India???

Whether it’s a sojourn to the magical land or a visit to home ….. a shiver rolls down through the body with the excitement of the anticipation of the upcoming vacations. Along with the entire itinerary the decision of choosing the best airlines is a mind-boggling task.
As your true travel companion, Alexa travel is here to guide you through the best airlines to travel across USA to India. We understand a long haul journey requires a lot more than a cheap flight; your convenience, service and especially meals and safety are significant factors in flight selection.


USA to India Flights Tickets

Being a non-stop flight from USA to India, Air India is the most favourable and desired airline. Moreover, the provisions like meals, beverages, staff-service, in-flight entertainment and comfort have fair ratings on Skytrax. So, you can always the exquisite Indian delicacies along with amazing entertainment options on your way.

Not to forget the flight accessibility from New York, Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, and several other American cities.
In addition to this, the most wanted feature is its baggage policy which allows you to carry at least 2 free bags of around 23 kg each.
The only downside is the lack of Wi-Fi facility in the flights.


Aircraft Commercial Airline Airplane Takeoff Jet

United Airlines with its fast and convenient service is another option for a long haul non-stop flight from USA to India availing a total of 14 to 15 hours flight from Newark to Mumbai and Delhi.

When it comes to the baggage policy, passengers are allowed to carry the first baggage, free of cost up to 23 kg and the 2nd luggage will cost you around $100.
Its higher price and lack of good Indian food or vegetarian food is the only drawback for this airline.


Plane Air Line Etihad Airport Istanbul Flight

Etihad enjoying quite a decent ranking on Skytrax is the cheap and best option with a connecting flight from Middle East.
With the baggage facility of 2 bags weighing 23 kg each you can enjoy decent Indian food on board.
To seek out an outright solution for your difficulty in booking with numerous options and innumerable facilities to choose from, Alexa Travel provides unrivalled deals in accordance to your requirement at the best price.Book now for best fare and enjoy your hassle-free comfortable ride to India.