Travelling for a longer distance….a restful flight is essential.
As we go with the saying, fly once in business class flights from USA to India and you’ll never want to turn down. Leisure of cosy comforting flight from take-off to landing.

Why fly in business class???

The heavy expense of Business class gives you much more than the quite surroundings and extra wide arm chair seats.

Recline and relax

Business Class seats offer an ample space with wider chairs going as wide as 34 in to 87 in and more legroom giving you all the space to make you feel relaxed aboard your flight turning it into a perfect place to unwind, get amused with the  on-board entertainment or grab some sleep as the dreamy ride takes you to your destination in the most comforting way possible.

Make sure to enjoy all the benefits of Business Class before reclining your spacious seat into its flatbed position to allow you the opportunity to drift off to sleep.

Stay connected

Never lose your connection with the provision of on-board Wi-Fi nor have you to worry about losing connection while during travelling. Most of the fleets are fully equipped with on-board Wi-Fi to allow you to stay in touch with the office, keep yourself updated of happenings with emails and in connection with your contacts.
Turn your seat into your own personal office with the ample space of Business Class with the help of fold out desk allowing you to make the most of a fully flexible workspace, so you’ll never miss out on what’s important.

Plunge into comfort

Get into ease during your journey by immersing yourself into your spacious seat and enjoy an innumerable of entertainment options offered at your fingertips. Most of the airlines offer their Business Class passengers their own personal touchscreen filled with enough amusing choices indulging you from take-off to landing. You can always Catch up with box sets of the latest hit TV shows, enjoy the thrill of blockbuster movies or bring out your inner child with the gaming options available.

Ultimate comfort at your every step of the way

Business Class experience isn’t just limited to a flight, nonetheless you’ll enjoy a premium service from the moment you arrive at the airport. The airlines offer dedicated Business Class check-in desks and sometimes offer a priority service for fast-tracking through both security and baggage collection.

Treat yourself

While travelling in business class flight make it certain to savour a selection of delicious meals, snacks, and complimentary hot and cold beverages. The internationally-inspired menu of the airlines is customized to suit every palate, serving up wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sit back and enjoy at-seat service by a dedicated business class cabin crew while cruising to your destination.

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    To put it in short

    Everything is better from meals to culinary, from full flat-bed seats to pre-flight drinks. From check-in to check-out served with a dedicated lounge (or sometimes a fully-stocked bar by some airlines) at airport to fill yourself with free food and drinks, every aspect is going to spoil you with esteem services.
    Book a comforting and relaxing business class flight tickets with Alexa Travel and relish the benefit of amazing business class flight deals along with your supreme comfort.