These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) apply to all persons and/or entities who have created a user account (“User” or “you” or “your” or “Client”) on the website https://thealexatravel.com (“Website”) as operated by Alexa Travel (“Company”).

These terms of service (“Terms”) govern your access and use of the website for your purchase of services available on this website. This service Agreement (“Agreement”) shall apply and govern the Statement of Work(s), project, letter of intent or any other document between Alexa Travel and Customer, for the provision of professional services (“Services”) or deliverables (“Deliverables”) for services imparted on travel deals. Please read the below mentioned terms carefully and contact us in case of any query. By accessing this website or ordering services from this website you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Alexa Travel is entitled to revise the terms of this agreement anytime and the changed terms(indicated on the website) will be effective immediately after posting. . These terms and conditions should be read in synchronization with the Privacy Policy.  Any content posted or submitted by you to the website is subject at all times to the Acceptable Use Policy and these terms and conditions. please immediately discontinue your access from the website if you do not agree with underneath terms and conditions.

Scope of Usage

No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of the Terms and Conditions or your use of any part of the Website, including without limitation, Agreement for Service. The User shall not have any authority whatsoever to bind the Company in any respect. All Sellers shall be held as independent contractors. Neither The Company nor any users of the Website may direct or control the day-to-day activities of the other, or create or assume any obligation on behalf of the other.

All rights not explicitly granted in this Agreement are reserved by the company and the derogation of which shall be treated as a breach of this Agreement.


Some of the Services that are being provided by the company may be subject to certain additional rules and regulations set down in that respect. The discretion of putting up additional conditions for particular services is vested solely with the company.

It is not necessary for any User to have signed an acceptance of these terms and conditions for them to apply. If a User accesses the Website and engages the Company to deliver certain Services, then the User shall be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.


The travel Services rendered by Alexa Travel are available for the purchase to everyone who have the affirmation by legal authorities of the country to travel across the world or specific countries, and are 18 years of age or above.


the payments are accepted through the following modes- Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer/ NEFT

The realization of payment prior to the departure of the flight provides the access to all the facilities assured by the company.


The fares mentioned in the company’s brochure(s)/quotations for the services given are expressed in USD or equivalent to the same in foreign currency. Either in case of currency variation or changes in various exchange rates and/or fuel cost before the departure and in accordance with the surcharge all the rights for amendment in these prices are reserved with the company only. Whenever the situation arises any or all such increase in prices must be fully paid by the client.

Any request related to refund is not entertained after the booking.

The below mentioned services are exclusive of the price charged by company until and unless already declared in the description of the offer, only then the charges will be inclusive of the package.

  • Extra baggage charges
  • Departure taxes levied by foreign governments
  • Cost of passports and Visas
  • Immigration fees
  • Custom fees
  • Port charges
  • Inspection fees
  • Airport parking


The client holds the full responsibility of providing the accurate details for the supply of all the documents required for travelling. If the process of documentation is hindered because of incorrect details then the company is not accountable in any manner.

The travel documents issued will only be sent to the person who has placed the order and has agreed to our Terms and Conditions regardless of the name on the documents


The insurance services are not provided by the company; hence it is not responsible in the event of loss of uninsured elements of the client. Though, our customer care can assist you in the search of insurance companies for your safe travel. Company is not accountable for the efficiency and reliability of the referred insurance company.


To travel to any place outside the U.S A, a valid passport and travel visa is required for air travel and company is not responsible for the safe-keeping or validation of any kind of your essential documents.

It is entirely the responsibility of the client to keep updated details of such pre-arrangements prior to the travel, and get assured of valid documents and have obtained the essential vaccinations, and got all the clearances to travel and we cannot be held responsible for any delays due to these issues and no compensation will be made in case of failing to board the booked flight as a consequence of the failure to meet these requirements.


Alexa Travel for reference takes aid of images, graphics and descriptions to demonstrate the services provided by company. The eaxactly same services or conditions are never promised to be made available at the destinations as shown on our blogs or anywhere on the site.

The information for the website is gathered from various sources, out of which certain do not hold any authorization and even cannot be verified entirely and have the chances of  inaccurate details.

Liability Limitation

The company is just a service provider, and in no case the company will be accountable for any indirect, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages of any type (without any limitation). In case of Damage claims consequences to loss of opportunity might increase exceeding the total payment which customer has to pay, under the agreement company is not Liable for any such charges.

Air Travel Services General Conditions

The Company is responsible for booking air-ticket only and it does not possess the right to clarify the type of aircraft used by any airline for the peculiar journey. Also, company is not accountable for the extra charges imposed by some airport or airline. Alexa Travel is not answerable for any kind of losses incurred due to flight cancellations, changed routes, or seats. The airlines reserve the rights for re-scheduling of flights so; for such changes the company is not responsible and will not provide any refunds for missed flights due to such irregularities.

In the event of a stop-over, the chances for scheduling of second flight to take off from another airport increases, hence in this case the travel to the second airport will be at your own expense and the company will not have any liability in case you miss the next flight.

In the event of delays, or timetable shifts arising from labour disputes, strikes or weather issues The Company is neither answerable nor responsible.

The company is liable to refund the money paid by the client towards the ticket in case of cancellation of ticket prior to the departure.

The company is not liable for any reimbursement, additional expense or consequential loss that is suffered by the client in the event of any modification or withdrawing from any tour, expedition or facility that has been advertised or published on the website.

No one else other than the company itself, in writing would have the authority to vary, add, modify or waive off any representation, description, Terms & Conditions set forth over here, or other terms as well as conditions regarding tour being booked by the client authorized by the company.

During the entire tenure of the tour and back Each and every tour element is bounded by certain laws, rules & regulations. For any condition that is brought about by such laws, or due to the act of God the Company have no responsibility.

Problems of the issuance of e-tickets

According to the new rules regarding the issue of travel tickets of The International Air Transport Association (IATA) from 1st of June 1st, 2008, airlines and booking agencies are obligated to issue travel tickets only via the electronic means ,i.e., as an ‘e-ticket.’

Therefore, it is advisable for the customer to ensure that he/she receives the tickets via the

Check-in failure

Failure to check-in on time at the airport, by default results in cancelling the return flight too. It is advisable for client to contact the company to avail other available options, in case you want to still keep the bookings for return flight intact; however, the final decision remains with the airline. In case the cancellations are made by the company then no refunds will be made.


The client should re-confirm the time of departure 72 hours prior to avoid any hassle. If you fail to re-confirm, the airline does not guarantee to hold the allotted seat for you and the company cannot be held liable if you fail to re-confirm your return flight, hence it is an essential step.


The Company is not accountable for any kind of loss or damage to your personal belongings, during the transit. The airline is liable to you for your baggage under certain terms and conditions, only if discussed prior.

Medical and Physical Condition 

The client must ensures that he is in good physical and mental condition to make the journey by air and should have furnished true medical documents and is responsible for any unwarranted complication arising during the flight. The company is not responsible of providing any sort of medical care on the flight and any charges levied by the airline over medical assistance will be borne by the client. YOU WITHHOLD THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS AND COSTS INVOLVED, in case of reception of any or all medical support during air flight journey.


Alexa Travel is committed for customer satisfaction with our every interaction and connection, hence if you face any kind problem or any discrepancy arises in relation to the services offered, we try to provide an outright solution earliest. But if we are unable to do so, you may pursue claims as have been explained in the following sections.

By using our services or dealing with us, you agree to give us the opportunity to resolve any dispute or claim regarding the Website, dealing with our agents, any service or product provided by us, any kind of representation being made by us, or with our Privacy Policy, by contacting via website on Customer Service division. If we are unable to resolve your claims after a discussed deadline, you may seek relief through mediation or in small claims court, as have been set forth in this section.

Any and every Claim will be resolved by a binding mediation rather than in court, except when you assert Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims if they qualify for the same. This includes any Claim you assert against us, our subsidiaries or with any company that offers products or services via us. This also includes any Claim that arose before you accepted listed Terms & Conditions, regardless of whether prior versions of the Terms & Conditions required mediation or not.

Court review of mediation award is restricted and There is no need of judge or jury in the mediation, and. However, a mediator by following as well as enforcing these Terms & Conditions just as a court would, can award the damages & relief on an individual basis as the court itself.

Mediations will be conducted by American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its own set of rules, which also include the AAA Consumer Rules. Any or all Payment of all filing, administration and mediator fees will be under the governance of AAA’s rules, except the ones provided in this section. You may choose to have the mediation conducted over the phone, based on written submissions, or even in person within the state where you reside or at some other mutually agreed location.

Any and every proceeding made to resolve Claims will be conducted only on individual basis and not as a class, consolidated or delegate action. The Federal Arbitration Act & federal mediation law apply to this agreement. Mediation decision may be confirmed by any court that holds competent jurisdiction.

Prohibited Activities

Each and every information incorporating pricing and content used on www.alexatravel.com is either proprietary to us or our affiliates or suppliers along with the infrastructure that is used to provide such information. While you may make your travel itinerary’s copies in limited number, for travel or reservations booked via the website you also agree not to modify, copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, publish, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any information, products or services and software obtained via this Website. Additionally, you also agree not to:

  • Use company’s content commercially
  • Make any false or deceit reservations with com
  • Use or access our website content, without any authorization from us.
  • Contravene the restrictions of this Website
  • Frame, copy or otherwise incorporate any segment of travelflydeals.com into some other website without our prior authorization

If there is any sign of fraud, abuse or any other form of suspicious activity in the booking, the company reserves the right to cancel any travel/service reservation(s) that is associated with your name, email ID or account.


For all kind of bookings at the website, besides travel Supplier’s cost and fees, company may charge an added service fee in accordance with the below mentioned norms. Moreover, the company’s fees as charged with respect to per-person or per-ticket basis and are indeed non-refundable. All the necessary details are mentioned below:

Flight Booking Fee

A booking fee is charged for Per Person or Per Ticket depending on your ticket class (economy, business or first) amounting to USD 0 to USD 100 based on ticket price.

Types of Passenger = student, military, Adult, infant, child, senior,

Important Note: Without any prior notice Service fees charges are subject to change. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE THE COMPANY THE LAST TOTAL PRICE AS MENTIONED. It is advisable to carefully check the total final price.

Special services post sales:

  • Misspelled Passenger Name ( as per the passport the client’s name should be there)
  • Visa/Passport related services( Need a valid visa for travelling)
  • Baggage related services (Keep all baggage receipts handy)
  • No-Show ( Documents required to prove why you couldn’t board)Boarding Denied ( Documents required to state the same)
  • Duplicate Booking (to process the refund, you need to submit the copies of all the tickets and it should reflect the same itineraries) which is booked with us are charged extra depending on airlines.

In case travel suppliers of Alexa Travel permits to credit the refund for cancellation with respect to the fare rules and refunds only then it can be done. The refund request can also be entertained by the company only when the client should not be a “no show”.

Lost air tickets

The client concurs to protect the tickets and have to bear any and all charges if you lose your ticket or it is stolen. In case of lost ticket or robbery, the company is not accountable, however, advises that you should immediately report the same to the airline and to the police.


Taxes and Fees

The government imposed taxes and fees or any other relevant airline fees are included in the ticket prices or to provide a trip cost the charges are itemized separately on your checkout page. Tax rates in effect at the time of booking will be applied to the ticket price.

Call or Online Processing Fee

All bookings made by the client through the website or via on-call travel agents have a nominal processing fee of the company. Hence a processing fee of $75 for International Bookings and $25 for US Domestic Bookings, both applicable over published fare is payable by the client.

Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds

In case of changes in travel itinerary, certain amount is charged by the airline (if permitted by the airline fare rules) generally costing you between $50 and $300 USD per ticket that may vary according to the market, carrier and specific fare rule. In addition to this, the customer is liable to per ticket processing fee if any changes made with company with regards to your travel arrangements.

Baggage and extra Airline Fees

Some airlines have different baggage allowances for extra luggage while some do not provide the facility for any free baggage. Hence, there will be extra charges for the same. Company facilitates the client with some key terms of an airline’s baggage fees; however you should seek all the information from the airlines about its baggage and/or any other extra fees.

Entry/Exit Fees

In international travelling, some countries or airports charge entry and/or exit fees and this amount is not incorporated with ticket price, or the taxes and fees displayed on our website.

Representations and Warranties

The client must acknowledge and follow the rules described below:

  • He/she must have all the essential documents in addition to the authority to enter into and abide by the obligations;
  • He/she must confirm to abide with all local customs and agree to obey all rules and regulations
  • He/she must issue exact and accurate information to the company to avoid any inconvenience.

Severability and Survivability 

The provisions which are observed as illegal or void will be accounted as unenforceable. However, this will not have any kind of effect on the enforceability of the other provisions. In this case, some reasonable provision can be provided to replace the point with the agreement of both the client and the company, having a close proximity to the objective of the severed provision along with the same economic effect.


The aforementioned Terms and Conditions state an agreement between the customer and Alexa Travel. Both parties must agree to all the clauses described above and Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is necessary prior to the usage of any of our services.