Hawaii 5 places to visit on your first visit

Hawaii 5 Places To Visit On Your First Visit

  1. Bask under the sun at the Kawai Beach Resort

The Kawai beach resort is a major tourist attraction in Hawaii as many choose to visit this place on their holidays. That is mainly due to its lush green landscapes which are full of tropical pools filled with water features such as a wading pool which has been made especially for the children. If you love dancing, then you are at the right place, as the beach offers hula dancing which will be the most memorable experience ever at the Kawai beach resort with your family and friends. The location of the Kawaii beach and its proximity to the Poipu Beach and Kauai’s North Shore are what make it a major tourist attraction for many families.

  1. Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

Your trip to Hawaii would be incomplete without exploring the scenic beauty of the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. It is situated on the Hawaii Big Island. It is at the very core of the Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. These two are the well known volcanoes which erupt actively. The presence of the the steam vents and the Jaggar Museum are what make it a delight to the eyes. If you are someone who loves volcanoes then make sure to visit this place with your family.

  1. NāPali Coast State Wilderness Park

Do you find yourself to be an adventure lover? Well, if that’s the case then make sure to visit this Coast State Wilderness Park with your family members. Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park is situated on the northern western part of the Kauai Island of Hawaii. It is the best place for hiking, and camping as it has many sea cliffs, streams, and waterfalls. This is what makes this place a major tourist attraction for those that are in love with nature. The Hanakoa valley is a must visit when on your family vacation to Hawaii.

  1. Take the Hawaiian route at the Hana Highway

If you are someone who loves to drive or go on long drives then this would be the best thing for you to do while on your holiday with your near and dear ones. What makes this Hana Highway a major tourist attraction is the long drive stretch that it offers to its passerbys who choose to go on this route to make the most of their trip to Hawaii. The road to the Hana highway is a  64.4 mile long drive from two Hawaiian routes. It is this highway which connects two Hawaiian towns in the eastern part of Maui. Make sure to visit the eastern part of Kalepa Bridge which is full of beauty which will be a delight to your eyes.

  1. Polynesian Cultural Center

If you are a lover of culture and that too Polynesian culture to be specific then make sure to visit the Polynesian cultural centre while on your family vacation to Hawaii. It is a park with a basic Polynesian theme which also has a museum which is situated in the northern part of Oahu, Hawaii. The centre has beautifully displayed the Polynesian culture with is wonderful exhibits. This is what makes it a major tourist attraction for many that choose to visit this place with their family members.

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