Indian Consuls Surprising OCIs, Where OCIs are Planning to Surprise Their Families

By alexatravel on December 14, 2019 Alexa Travel

It has been reported that who have not renewed their OCIs Card documents after having updated their passport were dismissed off-boarding permission for their flights to India.

With the urge of NRIs and OCIs to celebrate Christmas eve and New year with their families, they look back to plan their occasion on their landmark India, whereas the Government has already planned something different for them.

With the new amendment to The Citizenship Act, 1955 the Government of India has recently issued an order to all the Indian consuls worldwide to deny the boarding of people to India who has not updated their OCI cards with the renewal of their passports. The airlines with which usually most passengers are dealing with issues around these regulations are Air India and Qatar Airways.

After hours of intense debate, the Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 on Monday (December 2). The same amount of chaos the bill caused among the Lok Sabha members during the passing of bill is now being caused among the OCIs residing outside India who wish to celebrate their new year back in India. Reports associated with denial of boarding to be able to foreign citizens of Indian native origin because of not necessarily complying with the innovative rules of OCI card validity have been observed in the news given that November.

Similar cases of many OCIs Cardholders who’ve failed to update their OCI cards and update their passports have been recently discerned in major airports in Unified States, New Zealand and Singapore Additionally, several OCI holders who’ve been traveling to India from Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington throughout New Zealand have furthermore been struggling due to be able to same reasons.

Most of the people who’ve faced, or maybe are facing the problem of boarding have likely been due to lack of the updates of the new rules brought in by the Government of India. Also, visitors and people in Sweden and various other airports are left stranded in result of this bill.

Thus, Indian consulates worldwide have issued a travel advisory for OCI cardholders regarding the Indian Government’s strict enforcement of the new OCI validity rules and relating to airlines’ rigid checks at the time of check-in.

The government requires individuals below the age of 20 years to have their OCI cards reissued, every time their passports are renewed. Whereas, individuals between 21 to 50 years of age have no compulsion of renewing their OCI cards, however, they are required to carry their old passports in addition to their current/renewed passports.

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Tri-valley…… a gold state with abundance of wine and beer trails is also a home of exquisite cuisine and delectable frozen treats.

Even after exploring a bunch of wine tours and breweries, I’m here again for the tour of irresistible ice-cream trail of Tri-valley with 16 extraordinary ice cream or gelato shops in this triangular region. Can you think of more tasty way of connecting the beautiful cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville?

Why settle for just scoop when you have more than dozen distinguished treats are waiting for you. Bring out your inner ice cream fanatic and hop aboard for the journey of cones and cups which is an epitome of Tri-valley.


  • Icicles

Have a delight of handcrafted ice cream from your chosen flavor of fresh fruits. This refreshing frozen treat is rolled into the bowls (Thai style) with your choice of toppings. (They have unlimited toppings o choose from)

  • Rita’s Italian Ice

Want to grab some ice cream but worrying about the fats???

Rita’s provide trans-fat free ice creams with more than dozens of flavors. The cool treats includes Italian ice (even sugar-free!), Cream ice, Concretes, Sundaes, Gelati, Misto, Blending, Milkshakes, Frozen drinks, Frozen Custard Cakes, Custard cookie sandwiches and what not….. Customize your own paradise of the scrumptious offerings with 20 toppings.

  • Meadowlark Dairy

Feeling the rush to roam through each and every nook of Tri-valley, but cannot skip the ice cream. Then, Meadowlark Dairy’s drive-thru is your one stop solution, which offers affordable and delicious cones with customized flavours.

  • Flavor Brigade

A Flavor Brigade with more than 30 flavors of water ice (Italian ice) has something for everyone. The dessert offered is gluten-free, non-dairy and even zero cholesterol! Every ingredient of this healthy dessert is made with fruit-puree, sugar, and water, so it’s for Vegetarians and Vegans as well (everyone).

  • Almare Gelato Italiano

This Italian hub is sure to amaze you in summers as well as winters with their variety of servings from fragrant, smooth gelato to Traditional CioccolataCalda, a hot chocolate cup.


  • Amorino Gelato Al Naturale

Amorino renders a vivifying sorbet from exotic fruits. In addition to the mouth-watering gelato burgers and waffle sticks it offers customized, picturesque cones shaped into flowers (Instagram worthy)

  • Loard’s

Keeping the traditional ice cream intact, they are serving since 1950. A perfect blend of classic and seasonal flavors they provide scrummy ice creams.


Make sure not to restrict to just cups and cones of ice cream so that you enjoy a complete ice cream meal.

Yes, it’s right. A perfect meal of cookie ice cream sandwiches, ice cream tacos, rich and delicious brownies, palatable waffles and do’s ants and a cross between a donut and a croissant that too in the flavor of your choice.

Still waiting for more…. Cream also serves vegan cookies, gluten-free cookies and even soy ice cream.


  • Snowflake

This restaurant offers an assortment of ice cream and authentic Taiwanese desserts like crepes and boba tea to savor your tongue. If you want to grab a quick bite then this is the stop for you.

  • O’Honey

Have a tang of Japanese crepe rolls, one-of-a-kind boba tea creations with the hint of limited-edition flavors. Enjoy the aromatic coffee with yummy ice cream at this stop.


  • Yersen Gelato Cakes

Just want to eat the gelato ….. how will you resist yourself from quintessential cakes( even gelato cakes). Feel the contentment of cakes and gelato at this point.

  • Sweet Street

A tour to this Street makes you feel like a trip to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory! It is dream come true. Live your childhood fantasy and grab every candy and sweet treat that you imagine.

Let’s begin the flavorsome journey with Alexa Travel and avail the best flight deals from India to USA for your hassle-free journey.

Buy happiness by buying ice cream.



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Here’s everything you need to know about: BIOMETRICS AT AIRPORT waiting to board the flight? “Say cheeeeseseee” to the camera. Yeah.

The future is here. We have all been through the tiresome experience of waiting in long lines for a security check to get aboard the plane witnessed people forgetting their identification proofs. But …. Cheer now!!! Because all this is the thing of the past and This time Travel fly deals has come to you with a brightening news of the advancement in security system with the installation of biometric system at airports which will make the waiting in long queues a bygone by speeding up the process of check-in. So, let’s dive into the new era of airport security and get along with what it unfolds.

The amazingly new biometric systems launched by SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) smart path continuing at several airports around the world initiating with three continents incorporating14 Korean domestic airports, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, LAX, and JFK among 20 US airports and Bengaluru International Airport of India. In view of the tremendous rise in the crowd at airport with the ever-increasing demand of effortless journey the trials or full rollouts of biometric scanning systems are planned to be implemented by 77% of airports and 71% of airlines between 2018 and 2022.

Why and How it will work?

Despite the criticism on matters of the invasion of privacy, IATA have a vision to provide passengers with a seamless and efficient journey maintaining the security, security and privacy in conjunction, hence for this IATA encourages the collaboration between air transport stakeholders and airports to leverage this new technology through frameworks and standards. On-going with the vision airports are trying to substitute your each and every form of travel documents for your identification and authentication at all stages from entering airport to boarding the plane with “all biometric airport” system based on “privacy by design” principle facilitating the passengers with biometric self-service facilities which will verify your identity at every touch points including check in, bag drop, border clearance and boarding.

The foremost step of biometric authentication is the enrolment process. In this, at the first touch point, the biometric details of the passenger like iris, face, fingerprints or measure the unique facial landmarks (distance between the eyes or from forehead to chin) are collected by the SITA biometric system or even by taking a “selfie” on a dedicated mobile application (Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia tried biometric boarding in partnership with Amadeus in which Passengers were enrolled by taking a selfie on the Amadeus smartphone app) and cross-check that with the photo on your passport. This special and precise information is accumulated on a secure platform to match with your travel documents on the forthcoming touch points. Along with the identity evaluation the verification is performed via government agencies’ databases. This process generates a “single token” which will be used in the subsequent steps for your identification eliminating the need for redundant document checking (boarding pass, passport).

This streamlined process does not conclude with the security option, it offers further advantages like :

    • Providing real time visibility of the whereabouts of the passengers making it easier to locate the missing travellers, avoiding the departure delays.
    • The whole process can be expedited with the recognition of passengers with short connection time.
    • The data collected once can be further used for future travelling….. now, you can move quickly out of the boredom of getting verified every you put your step in the airport.
    • The anticipation of demand from the entry level helps in better management of passenger flow making a room for more travellers(which the airports usually defer to as action required is infrastructure expansion- no excuse now!), ultimately leading to the improvement in usage of space as well as capacity gains and not to forget the reduction in operational costs.
    • Diminishing the possibility of imposters travelling across borders using a false identity.
    • The reduction in queues at airport landslide areas will eventually diminish the potential terror threat.
    • And last but not least, the prominent factor is it saves your time, the whole screening process which too you around 25 minutes to complete will be finished in ten minutes……..a sigh of relief! So, it is a win-win for the airports, airlines as well as the passengers. But for this to be all bright and shiny it has a long way to go as the there are some issues which needs to be addressed like
    • The biometric details of the passenger should match with the previously stored data, hence the difficulty in achieving high level of accuracy no two face can have100% similarity. So, the data will be a close match not an exact match.
    • The system needs a way out from the two major errors o False Acceptance Rates which measures the number of cases when the system authorize an unauthorized person o False Rejection Rates which measures the number of cases when the system fails to recognize a traveller who was yet authorized to pass through the biometric self-service facility.
    • The time lapse in an attempt to compare the live biometrics with the database causes a great risk of error. Nevertheless, the biometric system at the airports has to overcome a lot of technical as well as invasion of privacy (the system cannot be forced) and the assessment of pros and cons of this technology needs to be considered. However, one thing is for sure that this system will revolutionize and change the face of the security at airports. Explore the new trends of travelling with Alexa Travel for USA to India flights.

How To Fly Business While Paying For The Economy?

By alexatravel on November 25, 2019 Alexa Travel

How To Fly Business While Paying For The Economy?

Business-class has its class and taste along with a super comfortable flight. This all comes with a cost. Flying anywhere in a business class must be everyone’s dream. But to fulfill this dream a huge amount of money is required and for a common person, it is not possible to spend such a big amount just for the flight tickets. So, it becomes necessary for them to compromise on their dream and fly in whatever their pocket allows.

So, what is the secret behind traveling in a business class without spending too much money and saving a lot? We have come up with some of the hacks or tips by using which you can easily travel in a business class while paying for an economy class.

Being Flexible

If the experience matters to you a lot then it needs flexibility. First of all, you have to be flexible with your travel dates if you to travel in business class cheaply. Search for the best deals along with the best month for traveling. By this, you can get the business class tickets to your favorite destination cheaply. At times, you might have to flexible with your destination as well if you are unable to get the cheap tickets of your desired location. Either dates or destinations will have to be compromised for enjoying business class travel reasonably.

Lost Cost Carrier

There are many airlines whose business class tickets are cheaper as compare to other airlines. So look for those airlines that give you more benefits on your business class travel at a low cost. Don’t go for costlier airlines otherwise; you will have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Online Auctions

For getting the cheaper business class tickets, check out the airlines which give the offer of auction system to its passengers of economy class. By this passengers get the chance of making a blind bid on any kind of upgrade. Though this is not an accurate way of getting any upgrade when you win this will give you immense pleasure and one of the easiest ways of getting the cheapest business class tickets.

Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

What would be better than a reasonable business class air ticket? The answer is a free business class air ticket. If you are a frequent flyer, you will notice that you get some points whenever travel. One of the benefits of these points is that you can use these points for upgrading your seat. By this, you will get the ticket of business class without adding a single penny to the fare of your economy class. These points system is nothing but an airline loyalty program. Take the benefit of these loyalty programs and enjoy travel in business class at the rate of economy class.

Travel Credit Cards

Always make payments of your travel bookings from travel credit cards. These are cards that give you rewards, offers, and cashback on your ticket bookings. By this, you can save a lot on your bookings and then you can get cheap business air tickets.

Have you ever dreamed of flying business class flight? So, these were the tips that you must take care of if you want to travel to a business class in the price of economy class for your next flight.




Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

By alexatravel on November 23, 2019 Alexa Travel

Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

The Tri-valley, a triangular-shaped region on the eastern side of San Francisco bay hills is a true-blue experience for visitors. This beyond the world destination is just 18 miles south-east of Oakland and 33 miles from San Francisco, enclosing the beautiful cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville.

You might have a thought ….. What these exteriors of California have to offer for your special vacation. Let’s explore a valley constituting of three valleys, Amador Valley, Livermore Valley and San Ramon Valley that merge below Mt Diablo.

The region set amidst rolling hills comprising of restaurants, cafes, theatres, one-of-a-kind boutiques, bustling events, and approximately 55 wineries offers a melange of things to do and enjoy and you definitely find one thing or the other that make you fall in love with this spectacular place. Alexa Travel is your travel companion and fulfills your desire for a perfect vacation.


Livermore Valley is a heaven for wine lovers pioneered by Robert Livermore tracing its origin to 1883. The perfect way to discover north California’s hidden Wine County is Livermore Wine Trolley.

A ticket on the Livermore Valley Wine Trolley takes you to the luscious landscapes providing you the exquisite experience of wine-tasting. Hop aboard the trolley and have the Taste of Livermore in line with your choices. What more??? Discounts….yay! yeah numerous discounts are there for you at the wineries as well as restaurant coupons for downtown Livermore restaurants.

Sshhhhh…. Complimentary wine-tasting is offered by many wineries. Customize your tour wisely.


Want to leave behind your humdrum routine and undergo a grandiose vacation???? Choose a personalized tour on a safe and reliable limousine to the most exclusive wineries with your very own professional chauffeur.


Why get confined to just tasting of wine when you can explore the viticulture and wine-making practices along with the uniqueness of USS Rubino. This transformed WW2 Duck Boat renders a tour around the adjoining estate to have a glance at Rubino’s mesmerizing vineyards. So, just sit back and get amused as the Tour Captains turn back the pages of history and guide you into the vineyard. In addition to this, you take the leisure in tasting award-winning wine and enjoy the mouth-watering food-wine pairing.


Have you ever wondered of making a bottle of wine all by yourself??? Turn your dream into reality and uncork your inner winemaker at Wente’s Winemakers Studio. This thrilling adventure includes tasting, evaluation, and blending of estate blocks of wine to craft your own bottle. The dazzling experience does not end here. Wente’s Winemaking has a lot more to offer you – Get to Know Pinot, Wine & Food Pairing Experience, Dessert and Wine Pairing and Tiny Bubbles Wait ….. The fascination has not ended yet. I’m aware that spelunking is a passion … but what happens when it is in a wine cave? Yes, Wente Vineyard’s historic sandstone caves provide a special underground wine and cheese pairing experience. In this unique setting, the history of Wente’s longstanding family-owned operations is unveiled. Is your palate aware of the taste of different wines?? A distinctive class is organized by Wente Vineyard that challenges its guests to rely on their sense of smell and taste to anticipate the wine instead of their sight. This luscious and learning exposure for amateurs and sommeliers alike focuses on the distinct differences between various varietals and how to identify them.


Board the Blue Brew Bus to come across the ever-emerging craft beer scene. This out-of-the-ordinary bus tour incorporates a convenient pick-up and drop-off facility at local Bart stations, an insight of 3 craft breweries lead by tour guides, a “cheers beer” at the time of boarding, a souvenir tasting glass, and exciting discounts at breweries. Don’t get deceived by the bus’s retro chassis as it encompasses a state-of-art interior with complete with first-rate sound system with the lightning that flashes to the beat along with two refrigerated coolers to provide chilled supplies.


The historically significant installation in an extensive auto gallery featuring one-of-a-kind productions is a peculiarity of The Blackhawk Museum. The museum is a platform for several cultural exhibits including The Spirit of the Old West, Into China and Art of Africa. Docent-guided tours with 10 or more members are organized to the auto gallery. (the tours have admissions on every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm and the first Friday of the month at 2 pm. The Old West tours are arranged on the second Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm.)


A wine bus! Doesn’t it sound so amazing and gratifying? Relish the pleasure of a two-hour-long wine tasting expedition on a completely customized wine bus with wine barrel seats and vintage-inspired decor. The comprehensive excursion throughout the vineyards and production facility is embarked at the tasting room. The ecstasy grows by witnessing the journey of grapes from wine to bottle. At the historic water tower, the facilitation of siting and wine pairing is there. The journey is concluded with Ruby Hill port and chocolate.

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An Excursion With Lufthansa

By alexatravel on November 21, 2019 Alexa Travel

An Excursion With Lufthansa

One cannot reach the destination without a journey

Jaunt is the agglomeration of memorable moments of life and when we talk about air travel scads of memories and expectations explode. We at travel fly deals comprehend your desires and requirements and provide you best of the best.

So let’s give you an insight to one of the largest airline fleets in the world –LUFTHANSA.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (commonly known as Lufthansa) renders the services of total 700 aircrafts (combined with its subsidiaries) facilitating the comfort travel to more than 200 destinations in 78 countries all across the globe. The fleet of aircrafts generally consists of economy class, premium economy class, travel class, first class and business class providing their passengers every possible amenity of air travel.

Economy Class

Afraid of little legroom in ‘economy class’! Don’t be. Now, stretch your legs out comfortably thanking to the slim construction of the backrests.
Every comfort is considered for your long-haul flights, from comfortable seating to meals. Wider cushions (over 40 cm) provide you adjustable headrests.

Don’t just lean back and sleep on your comfy cushions, then you refrain yourself from the mind-blowing in-flight entertainment ranging from a tremendous selection of television programmes, international radio stations to the collection of latest movies( with movie snacks on selected routes.. yay!).

Lufthansa, the online airline in the world which discloses their menu to their guests prior to their boarding makes you enjoy your tailored meals(vegetarian, kosher or lactose free meals) in accordance with your departure and destination timings along with a vast selection of beverages.

We always want a little more of everything. More comfort, more service, more free baggage (definitely!) and for sure more personal space then ‘Premium Economy Class’ is for you.

Business Class

Become a spectator of an unimaginable comfort and service with Lufthansa’s Business Class. Your gratification becomes the priority with your first step at the airport initiating with lounge access (wide selection to make you feel good) and boarding. Experience the first-rate pleasure in additional free baggage exclusive in-flight meals whether you are going for long-haul or medium or even short-haul route.
Now, you must be thinking ….. All that glitters is not gold (budget!).

But this is gold. Have a glance to the exciting offers provided by the airline giant.

  • Choose any day of the week (a flight takes-off every day) to explore Europe and find guaranteed flight deals every time. If you plan in advance then get assured to have the best-value flights.

Started your planning??? No?? Then plan for February 2020 and fly from Delhi to Europe in just INR 43573.

  • Hamburg- a favourite holiday destination and a hub for business meets. You want to travel to Germany for one reason or the other, Lufthansa renders great deals to you to save hard cash every time you book a flight.

Planning an unforgettable journey to the heart of Europe in January….. Great! Just book now and avail the ticket from Mumbai to Hamburg in INR 44,178.

  • Wondered to go on vacation or have a stay at the fantasy land – North America. Don’t be afraid of high fares of air travel as Lufthansa is offering greatest deals to you. Grab the opportunity of taking a comfy flight at reasonable price in November 2019 from Mumbai to North America in just INR 86,779.
  • Human nature does not stop from being greedy! Not your fault….. Definitely not yours. With these fascinating offers why leave the awesomeness of South America. Take flight from Delhi to South America in October 2019 in as little as INR 91,503.

The extravagant services provided by Lufthansa incorporation hold booking which gives the privilege of paying the fare after 48 hours of booking.

A beautiful journey awaits you ……. Get ready with your baggage and hop aboard the mesmerizing journey for a long solitude or a great time among your family members with Alexa Travel. Find great rates on any Lufthansa airfare when you book with Alexa Travel and also visit for USA to India flight deals.



Relish The Grand Flight With Emirates

By alexatravel on November 13, 2019 Alexa Travel

Relish The Grand Flight With Emirates

It is aptly said that it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.
EMIRATES, one of the best award-winning airlines in the world renders luxurious and innovative yet comfortable, non-stop services to its passengers throughout 140 destinations in 78 countries over 6 continents. The fleet of aircraft mainly incorporates three-class cabin configurations – First Class, Business Class and Economy Class, along with some two-class aircraft (Business Class and Economy Class). Numerous types of seating including suites, flatbeds and sleeper seats are facilitated in first-class cabins.
Wait! Wait! Wait! The comforts are not limited just to seating. Stay connected with the free Wi-Fi (limited) and in-seat power (have your calls onboard).
What’s a journey without meals???? Have a choice of regionally inspired or a matching meal with complimentary beverages. While sipping the refreshing meals explore up to 4500 channels including live sports, cartoons and over 1000 latest movies.
Now, you want all these cheesy elements in your flight and obviously at affordable prices. At Alexa travel, we understand your requirements and desires, so I’m going to give you a glimpse of certain offers which can make your fly cheaper.

    • Avail featured fares on current flight specials. Hurry, because it is first to come first have the opportunity and the offer is valid till August 8, 2019.
    • Bring down the amount with cash plus miles offer on selected flights and fares to your favourite destination. Enjoy exclusive cash + miles prices and make the most of your miles. Upgrade your miles with every booking.
    • Fly with Emirates this summer and take pleasure of accommodation in Accor, Armani Hotel Dubai, Emaar Hospitality Group or Marriott with exclusive rates till September 30, 2019.
    • Travel to Dubai with Emirates between 1 May to 31 August, 2109 and use your Emirates boarding pass as your key to avail exclusive offers at over 500 locations to take delight dine in some of the best restaurants, take leisure with family at world-class theme parks and relax at the spas ; in addition to this, see top cultural attractions.
    • Students, shine your Instagram grid with loads of different apparels as now you can pack more with generous baggage allowances especially for you to your destinations around the US, Toronto, Australia, Europe and Auckland.
      (The extra 10kg baggage allowance can be added to your 30kg allowance on flights to USA , Australia, Europe or Auckland and if you’re travelling to one of our 12 destinations in the US and to Toronto in Canada, you can carry up to 69kg of baggage with the addition an extra 23kg piece of baggage on top of two pieces of baggage weighing 23kg each that you are entitled to.)
    •  Aboard the Emirate and adore a two-day entry pass to various Dubai Parks & Resorts and utilize the package of offers for AED 495 for adults and AED 435 for children.

Have access to all four world-class parks of Dubai (Motiongate, Bollywood Parks, Legoland Water Park.
Feeling blessed! But that’s not it. The further advantages include AED 250 worth of credits on wristband for usage over the two days at restaurants and food carts, and don’t forget to have a photo souvenir of your visit, 10% off on all merchandise at the retail outlets inside the parks, 3 Q-Fast passes for each day to skip the long queues at the parks along with 15% off all food and beverage outlets at Lapita Hotel & Resort.

With the booking of Emirates, enjoy the warmth gesture of Marhaba( from the group of Emirates) for a marvellous airport experience.
So, fly to your destination through a resplendent journey with your true travel companion, Alexa travel, because we believe the joy is in the Journey.

8 Eateries in Atlanta

By alexatravel on June 5, 2019 Alexa Travel

8 Eateries in Atlanta

  1. O4W Pizzeria:

Are you a pizza lover? Well, if that’s the case then the O4W pizzeria is the best place for you. Enjoy the scrumptious, and mouth watering pizza which is served with dripping cheese. This pizza parlour is a world renounced place which is best known for its margherita like Grandma Pie. Many tourists from around the world come to Atlanta only to give their taste buds a kick of the spices available in this Pizzeria. The place offers a wide range of options both for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. So, choose your best pick and enjoy the mouth watering pizzas.

  1. Masterpiece

This is a restaurant in Atlanta which is owned by a family. It started off as a family business and soon became a huge success thus it attracts many tourists from all aorund the globe

The tasty dishes of top notch quality by chef Rui Liu are well known by many that choose to travel to this place. They offer a wide variety of Chinese food such different typee noodles, beef, duck, and much more. If you like a little extra chilli in your food , then this is your go to place. It is the best place for a family gathering.

  1. Jang Su Jang

This place is the one stop destianation for good Korean food while on your trip to Atlanta. It is a widely renouned restaurant which has been in the makrekt for around 10 years rd and this has maintained it good reputation of offering good quality food to its customers. One can enjoy the taste of the traditional Korean dishes like Kalbi which is the best barbecueed beef rib in the market. This place is a delight for beef lovers and those that love traditional Korean food. Also, the Tofu Stew is a star seller here as it is loved by many that choose to come to this place while on their vacation to Atlanta with their family and friends. Calm your taste buds by enjoying this good Korean style food.

  1. Spring

The spring restaurant is the best place for French style cooking. The chefs at the spring have the best French techniques which makes their food worth tasting. One visit to this restaurant will make you want to come back to it again and again. They offer a very good menu to those that choose to visit this place with their pals. It is best for a cozy family dinner to enjoy while on your holiday to Atlanta. Do make sure to pre book a reservation before going to this restaurant. There are many that want to eat here, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand. Also, if you are wine lover, then this is your go to place. This place offers the best wines ever

  1. Rumi’s Kitchen

Are you in for some Persian food? Well..Rumi’s Kitchen is widely known for its Persian style cooking. It is situated in the Sandy Springs of Atlanta, it just doesn’t offer its customers Persian food but also top notch services. Not to forget the wine which is served with the food makes your whole experience at this place unforgettable. Make sure to visit this place with your family members if you wish to taste the best Persian food in Atlanta while on your holiday there. Make sure to try the starters mirza ghasemi which is well smoked eggplant which is topped with fine tomato and super finely chopped garlic. Your dish would be incomplete without trying these starters. This restaurant has two locations in Atlanta.

  1. Sushi Hayakawa

This is ranked as one of the top restaurants in Atlanta. Are you a fish lover? Well, if that’s the case then Sushi Hayakawa is the place for you to visit with your family and friends while on your holiday to Atlanta. This restaurant offers fish that is of super fine quality as it gets freshly imported from Japan. This is what makes it such a hight quality restaurant, thus making it rank that the top in the whole of Atlanta. So make sure to get your reservations made beforehand as it is always fully packed with people all around the world who choose to travel this place and visit this restaurant with their pals. The 14 course meal offered at this place is the best seller.

  1. Snackboxe Bistro

This Bistro offers mixed cuisines with traditional Lao dishes as well as good street food. A visit to this Bistro will make you want to keep visiting it again and again. The food offered here will be friendly with your pocket as well as your taste buds. If you are running in a low budget then make sure to visit this place while on your trip to Atlanta. Who says you can’t get good food in a small budget? Breaking all the stereotypical norms, Snackboxe Bistro brings to you good quality food that will suit your budget. Do try the khao poon,which is a spicy noodle soup or the well cooked steamed fish.

7. Heirloom Market BBQ

Who doesn’t like good, barbecued meat? Well, this place offers you the best cooked meat in Atlanta. The restaurant does not have a lot go seating space, so the best thing would be to grab a take away only. This is mainly because the chefs are more concerned about the good taste and quality of the food they offer to their customers. Make sure to try the Korean food, also the southern area inspired barebqued food. You will not be disappointed on your visit to this eatery while on your holiday to Atlanta. Not to forget that they serve the best stew ever.

  1. Porch Light Latin Kitchen

Who does not like their Pork that too in a Latina style cooking? This Kitchen will offer you a wide range of meats that too grilled and smoked well. If you are a lover of meat and that too either grilled or smoked, then this is your go to place. Make sure to try the Puerto Rican spices that this place offers to it’d customers who choose to visit this place while on their trip to Atlanta with their pals. Do try the mouth watering ribs, and the scrumpite pork belly.


Places to visit while in Chicago

By alexatravel on June 5, 2019 Alexa Travel

Places to visit while in Chicago

  1. MillenniumPark

Those that have affinity for nature, this is the best place to visit with their family and friends while vacationing in Chicago. The lush green Millennium Park a wide range of greenery to its passerbys that choose to travel to this place while on their way to the city streets. The Millennium Park has a wide range of sculptures which are an architecture molded out of grass. This is a major attraction for kids as they love to explore such places while on a  vacation. Make sure to visit this park with your little ones, for them to enjoy their stay in Chicago.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago

This art institute is a must visit for those who are art lovers. This institute of a delight for many that choose to visit this place while on their stay in Chicago. This institute of fine art has a wonderful display of around 300,000 masterpieces of artwork by well renowned artists from all aorund the world. The art exhibits here are breathtakingly beauty with a unique display of art in every culture and form. This place has a variety of Japanese artwork which has been framed beautifully. Make sure to visit this place as it will be a delight to your eyes and your mind on viewing these beautiful paintings.

  1. Riverwalk

If you are someone who is a lover of nature or river, Then make sure to go on a stroll to the River walk in order to soothe your senses. Who does not like the calming warmth of the river on a winter night? If you wish to experience this feeling while on your trip to Chicago then make sure to visit this place. Go on a walk alone or with your loved one to make memories of a lifetime while on your trip to Chicago. This river walk also has a market with is opposite to the Chicago River. You an either go on a stroll or go down a pub or go on a shopping spree while on your trip.

  1. Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is the most popular tourist destination in Chicago. Many choose to visit this place while on their holiday to Chicago. Make sure to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Giagantous ferrous wheel which a delight for many who choose to do sightseeing at this place. If you are a music lover, then this would be the best place for you as this Navy Pier offers live music which one can enjoy while exploring this beautiful place in Chicago. Also, this place is packed with restaurants so make sure to visit it to enjoy the yummy food while on your trip.

  1. John Hancock Observatory

This observatory is also know as the 360 Chicago. Many tourists from all aorund the world choose to visit this place while on their trip to Chicago. This John Hancock Observatory gives a complete 360 view of the whole of Chicago just from one place. Who would not like to see this breathtakingly beautiful view? This observatory gives you the full sight of the Chicago city being a 1000feet above the ground. Do not miss out on this, make sure to visit this place with your family and friends to enjoy the marvellous view of the city. You will be able to view upto five cities from this one place and also a part of Lake Michigan.

  1. Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate is  a world famous sculpture which was sculpted by an Indian artist. This is a major tourist attraction for many all around the globe. Many choose to visit Chicago only to come and see this breathtaking beauty. This masterpiece is placed at the very centre of the Millennium park so whoever visits the park will avail the benefits of exploring this cloud gate masterpiece while on their holiday trip to Chicago with their near and dear ones. It is situated near the Park Grill. If you’re unable to locate it, then ask anyone about the Park Grill and you will reach your destination in no time.

  1. John Hancock Center

If you wish to see a skyscraper while on your visit to Chicago then this center is your go to place to make the most of your trip with your loved ones. It is widely known as the 875 North Michigan Avenue and is a well known center throughout the world.  Many choose to explore the beauty of the city from the top of this skyscraper. The John Hancock Center is located in the Magnificent Mile District. Make sure to visit this while on your trip to Illinois, Chicago.

  1. Shedd Aquarium

This is an indoor aquarium which has a beautiful display of fishes of different species. Many people from all around the world come to see this aquarium full of fishes to see the wide range to fishes that are displayed in this place. The Shedd Aquarium has almost around 32,000 species of animals. It is well known as the largest indoor aquarium all around the globe. The beauty of aquatic life is what makes this a major attraction for many that choose to visit this aquarium while on their holiday trip to Chicago. This aquarium is present near the Lake shore area in Chicago.

  1. Brookfield Zoo

The Brookfield zoo is a major attraction for the little ones. If you are travelling with your children then make sure to visit this zoo while on your visit to Chicago. This is widely known as the Chicago Zoological park and is a well kept zoo. The zoo has a wide range of animals which are well taken care of and fed properly. Make sure to visit this Brookfield zoo and explore the wildlife culture that is readily available for the tourists that choose to pay a visit to the beautiful city of Chicago. This zoo has around 430 species of animals in it which are a major tourist attraction.





10 Healthy Travel Tips

By alexatravel on April 16, 2019 Alexa Travel

10 Healthy Travel Tips

These airport travel tips will help you to remain calm and composed thereby ensuring a hassle free boarding of your flight

  • Know your whereabouts beforehand

The first and foremost tip is to be aware of your whereabouts. This includes knowing about your airport like where it is, and the places that are nearby the airport. Getting to know your airport and its whereabouts helps you to save on time. So, it is better to gather all the information beforehand rather than rushing at the last minute.

  • Keep a copy of your boarding pass

It is of utmost importance to keep an extra copy of your boarding pass. It is always better to be on the safer side. So, in order to ensure that make sure to keep either a screenshot of your boarding pass or keep an extra copy of your boarding pass printed out in case of any emergency.

  • Do not wear any Jewellery

If you do not wish to set the alarm on during the security check then avoid wearing any jewellery. Your accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelet, earrings, or wrist watches can easily set an alarm during security check. So, the better thing to do would be not to wear them while on your travel. In case you have forgotten that, make sure to remove them before the security check and keep them in a safe place.

  • Always keep a spare zip lock for Toiletries

Keeping a spare plastic zip lock for toiletries is a must cause in case you forget to keep one, then you are in for some trouble. Toiletries which are available at the airport are highly priced. So, in order to avoid getting a hole in your pocket make sure to keep them packed beforehand.

  • Put an identification mark on your luggage

It is important to put an identification mark on your luggage. There could be many passengers with the same kind of bag as yours. So, in order to avoid confusion during the security check which would thereby lead in delaying of your boarding, make sure to put an identification mark on your luggage.

  • Weigh your luggage beforehand

Make sure to properly weigh your luggage before going to the weight checking corners. Its better to weigh it beforehand than to pay an extra amount for your extra luggage. The best thing would be to check the weight at any of the unattended weight checking counters in case you are already at the airport.

  • Shrink wrap your luggage

In order to avoid any scratches or dents on your luggage during the security checks or any handlings in and out of the airports, make sure to wrap up your luggage with a shrink wrap or a plastic wrap to ensure proper safety of your luggage.

  • You can bring alcohol( <3 OZ)

Every passenger is allowed to bring alcohol which is less than 3 OZ. You can carry the booze bottles in zip lock packs while on your journey.

  • Keep water or gum handy

Make sure to keep water or chewing gum handy as they will help to neutralize the air pressure while the flight take off. Also, if you are travelling with children make sure to keep a bottle of water handy for them.

  • Do not keep breakable items

Make sure not to keep any breakable items in your check in luggage. You never know how your luggage is being handled. So, to be on the safer side, make sure not to keep any breakable items in your luggage which has to be checked in. This will help to keep your expensive items safe.