OCIs Card Rules

It has been reported that who have not renewed their OCIs Card documents after having updated their passport were dismissed off-boarding permission for their flights to India.

With the urge of NRIs and OCIs to celebrate Christmas eve and New year with their families, they look back to plan their occasion on their landmark India, whereas the Government has already planned something different for them.

With the new amendment to The Citizenship Act, 1955 the Government of India has recently issued an order to all the Indian consuls worldwide to deny the boarding of people to India who has not updated their OCI cards with the renewal of their passports. The airlines with which usually most passengers are dealing with issues around these regulations are Air India and Qatar Airways.

After hours of intense debate, the Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 on Monday (December 2). The same amount of chaos the bill caused among the Lok Sabha members during the passing of bill is now being caused among the OCIs residing outside India who wish to celebrate their new year back in India. Reports associated with denial of boarding to be able to foreign citizens of Indian native origin because of not necessarily complying with the innovative rules of OCI card validity have been observed in the news given that November.

Similar cases of many OCIs Cardholders who’ve failed to update their OCI cards and update their passports have been recently discerned in major airports in Unified States, New Zealand and Singapore Additionally, several OCI holders who’ve been traveling to India from Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington throughout New Zealand have furthermore been struggling due to be able to same reasons.

Most of the people who’ve faced, or maybe are facing the problem of boarding have likely been due to lack of the updates of the new rules brought in by the Government of India. Also, visitors and people in Sweden and various other airports are left stranded in result of this bill.

Thus, Indian consulates worldwide have issued a travel advisory for OCI cardholders regarding the Indian Government’s strict enforcement of the new OCI validity rules and relating to airlines’ rigid checks at the time of check-in.

The government requires individuals below the age of 20 years to have their OCI cards reissued, every time their passports are renewed. Whereas, individuals between 21 to 50 years of age have no compulsion of renewing their OCI cards, however, they are required to carry their old passports in addition to their current/renewed passports.

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