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Tri-valley…… a gold state with abundance of wine and beer trails is also a home of exquisite cuisine and delectable frozen treats.

Even after exploring a bunch of wine tours and breweries, I’m here again for the tour of irresistible ice-cream trail of Tri-valley with 16 extraordinary ice cream or gelato shops in this triangular region. Can you think of more tasty way of connecting the beautiful cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville?

Why settle for just scoop when you have more than dozen distinguished treats are waiting for you. Bring out your inner ice cream fanatic and hop aboard for the journey of cones and cups which is an epitome of Tri-valley.


  • Icicles

Have a delight of handcrafted ice cream from your chosen flavor of fresh fruits. This refreshing frozen treat is rolled into the bowls (Thai style) with your choice of toppings. (They have unlimited toppings o choose from)

  • Rita’s Italian Ice

Want to grab some ice cream but worrying about the fats???

Rita’s provide trans-fat free ice creams with more than dozens of flavors. The cool treats includes Italian ice (even sugar-free!), Cream ice, Concretes, Sundaes, Gelati, Misto, Blending, Milkshakes, Frozen drinks, Frozen Custard Cakes, Custard cookie sandwiches and what not….. Customize your own paradise of the scrumptious offerings with 20 toppings.

  • Meadowlark Dairy

Feeling the rush to roam through each and every nook of Tri-valley, but cannot skip the ice cream. Then, Meadowlark Dairy’s drive-thru is your one stop solution, which offers affordable and delicious cones with customized flavours.

  • Flavor Brigade

A Flavor Brigade with more than 30 flavors of water ice (Italian ice) has something for everyone. The dessert offered is gluten-free, non-dairy and even zero cholesterol! Every ingredient of this healthy dessert is made with fruit-puree, sugar, and water, so it’s for Vegetarians and Vegans as well (everyone).

  • Almare Gelato Italiano

This Italian hub is sure to amaze you in summers as well as winters with their variety of servings from fragrant, smooth gelato to Traditional CioccolataCalda, a hot chocolate cup.


  • Amorino Gelato Al Naturale

Amorino renders a vivifying sorbet from exotic fruits. In addition to the mouth-watering gelato burgers and waffle sticks it offers customized, picturesque cones shaped into flowers (Instagram worthy)

  • Loard’s

Keeping the traditional ice cream intact, they are serving since 1950. A perfect blend of classic and seasonal flavors they provide scrummy ice creams.


Make sure not to restrict to just cups and cones of ice cream so that you enjoy a complete ice cream meal.

Yes, it’s right. A perfect meal of cookie ice cream sandwiches, ice cream tacos, rich and delicious brownies, palatable waffles and do’s ants and a cross between a donut and a croissant that too in the flavor of your choice.

Still waiting for more…. Cream also serves vegan cookies, gluten-free cookies and even soy ice cream.


  • Snowflake

This restaurant offers an assortment of ice cream and authentic Taiwanese desserts like crepes and boba tea to savor your tongue. If you want to grab a quick bite then this is the stop for you.

  • O’Honey

Have a tang of Japanese crepe rolls, one-of-a-kind boba tea creations with the hint of limited-edition flavors. Enjoy the aromatic coffee with yummy ice cream at this stop.


  • Yersen Gelato Cakes

Just want to eat the gelato ….. how will you resist yourself from quintessential cakes( even gelato cakes). Feel the contentment of cakes and gelato at this point.

  • Sweet Street

A tour to this Street makes you feel like a trip to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory! It is dream come true. Live your childhood fantasy and grab every candy and sweet treat that you imagine.

Let’s begin the flavorsome journey with Alexa Travel and avail the best flight deals from India to USA for your hassle-free journey.

Buy happiness by buying ice cream.



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Here’s everything you need to know about: BIOMETRICS AT AIRPORT waiting to board the flight? “Say cheeeeseseee” to the camera. Yeah.

The future is here. We have all been through the tiresome experience of waiting in long lines for a security check to get aboard the plane witnessed people forgetting their identification proofs. But …. Cheer now!!! Because all this is the thing of the past and This time Travel fly deals has come to you with a brightening news of the advancement in security system with the installation of biometric system at airports which will make the waiting in long queues a bygone by speeding up the process of check-in. So, let’s dive into the new era of airport security and get along with what it unfolds.

The amazingly new biometric systems launched by SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) smart path continuing at several airports around the world initiating with three continents incorporating14 Korean domestic airports, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, LAX, and JFK among 20 US airports and Bengaluru International Airport of India. In view of the tremendous rise in the crowd at airport with the ever-increasing demand of effortless journey the trials or full rollouts of biometric scanning systems are planned to be implemented by 77% of airports and 71% of airlines between 2018 and 2022.

Why and How it will work?

Despite the criticism on matters of the invasion of privacy, IATA have a vision to provide passengers with a seamless and efficient journey maintaining the security, security and privacy in conjunction, hence for this IATA encourages the collaboration between air transport stakeholders and airports to leverage this new technology through frameworks and standards. On-going with the vision airports are trying to substitute your each and every form of travel documents for your identification and authentication at all stages from entering airport to boarding the plane with “all biometric airport” system based on “privacy by design” principle facilitating the passengers with biometric self-service facilities which will verify your identity at every touch points including check in, bag drop, border clearance and boarding.

The foremost step of biometric authentication is the enrolment process. In this, at the first touch point, the biometric details of the passenger like iris, face, fingerprints or measure the unique facial landmarks (distance between the eyes or from forehead to chin) are collected by the SITA biometric system or even by taking a “selfie” on a dedicated mobile application (Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia tried biometric boarding in partnership with Amadeus in which Passengers were enrolled by taking a selfie on the Amadeus smartphone app) and cross-check that with the photo on your passport. This special and precise information is accumulated on a secure platform to match with your travel documents on the forthcoming touch points. Along with the identity evaluation the verification is performed via government agencies’ databases. This process generates a “single token” which will be used in the subsequent steps for your identification eliminating the need for redundant document checking (boarding pass, passport).

This streamlined process does not conclude with the security option, it offers further advantages like :

    • Providing real time visibility of the whereabouts of the passengers making it easier to locate the missing travellers, avoiding the departure delays.
    • The whole process can be expedited with the recognition of passengers with short connection time.
    • The data collected once can be further used for future travelling….. now, you can move quickly out of the boredom of getting verified every you put your step in the airport.
    • The anticipation of demand from the entry level helps in better management of passenger flow making a room for more travellers(which the airports usually defer to as action required is infrastructure expansion- no excuse now!), ultimately leading to the improvement in usage of space as well as capacity gains and not to forget the reduction in operational costs.
    • Diminishing the possibility of imposters travelling across borders using a false identity.
    • The reduction in queues at airport landslide areas will eventually diminish the potential terror threat.
    • And last but not least, the prominent factor is it saves your time, the whole screening process which too you around 25 minutes to complete will be finished in ten minutes……..a sigh of relief! So, it is a win-win for the airports, airlines as well as the passengers. But for this to be all bright and shiny it has a long way to go as the there are some issues which needs to be addressed like
    • The biometric details of the passenger should match with the previously stored data, hence the difficulty in achieving high level of accuracy no two face can have100% similarity. So, the data will be a close match not an exact match.
    • The system needs a way out from the two major errors o False Acceptance Rates which measures the number of cases when the system authorize an unauthorized person o False Rejection Rates which measures the number of cases when the system fails to recognize a traveller who was yet authorized to pass through the biometric self-service facility.
    • The time lapse in an attempt to compare the live biometrics with the database causes a great risk of error. Nevertheless, the biometric system at the airports has to overcome a lot of technical as well as invasion of privacy (the system cannot be forced) and the assessment of pros and cons of this technology needs to be considered. However, one thing is for sure that this system will revolutionize and change the face of the security at airports. Explore the new trends of travelling with Alexa Travel for USA to India flights.


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A city of South California with sprawling districts and suburbs, tropical climate, immensely cosmopolitan, string of sandy beaches, sun-baked hills, beautiful pacific coastline, cultural art institutions, superior museums, theme parks and not to forget home of Hollywood.

The categorization of Los Angeles…… naaa…. Not an easy task to sum up the vibrant and exhilarating city which cannot be defined.

What can you say????

Or what not to say about the city of everything…. Home of the Beach Boys and Linkin Park…..

You can have a romantic weekend or an adventurous tour with your friends or family a refreshing trip with your loved ones in the “City of Angles”.

Bewilderment is usual when you decide to traverse one of the most diverse cities of United States. You can spend days strolling through the studio tours and pilgrimages to places from TV and movies or go deep and discover the taco truck.

Alexa Travel is here to fog you out from the mesh of desirable destinations and by sharing with you the 8 coolest places that you can visit and have fun during your stay in Los Angeles.


An eminent park at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains has an assortment of fun things to do for you. You have been to LA and not get indulged in one of the top rated activities….

For film fanatics thefabulous Hollywood sign standing tall on Mount Lee in Griffith Park since 1923 (originally put up as “Hollywoodland”) is admirable. For an up-close peek you can hop on the back of horse and get along the network of trails of Griffith Park in a one hour ride for 50$ or two hour ride for 75$. And hiking up to the 53 mile park ….. Though tough yet worthy with every stop giving you a spectacular view of the cityscapeand never gets old. This big a sign is perfectly visible across the canyon by parking at the Lake Hollywood Park.

The Zoo of Los Angeles and Botanical Gardens offers a wide range of plants and animal species including elephants, koala bears, apes, lions, tigers, hippopotamus along with number of amphibians and reptiles.

Spend a beautiful day golfing at the two historic golf courses: Wilson and Harding with the amenities of golf shop, diving range and a restaurant.

A fun ride of a pony or a miniature train that takes you along the perimeter of the Travel Town Museum with a warm welcome by the two miniature goats: Itsy and Bitsy comes with a complete package of enjoyment for youngsters.

Have a refreshing picnic on the grassy areas of the park. The most desirable location is Amir’s Garden with a phenomenal oasis and amazing views, and the abundant of picnic tables.

Crazy for batman???

Bronson caves are for you made from the 20th century rock quarry used in innumerable movies and TV shows. It is accessible through an easy hiking to the caves emerging from the Canyon Drive.

Your amazement gets manifold with the “Christmas present” of Griffith J. Griffith in form of Griffith observatory and Greek Theatre. At the dreamy terrace of observatory behold the twinkling city at night or witness the city rippling in sun. The Samuel Oschin Planetarium screens Centered in the Universe offering you a trip through time with the discoveries by Ptolemy and Galileo, and space, through the Milky Way.

Become the spectator of several live comedy shows, musical performances and plays all along the year along with the sensational mountain views.Explore the culture, history and art of America at the Aurty Museum of American Westexhibiting variety of Native American art, paintings and historic firearms.


The Getty Center, an awe-inspiring modern fortress atop Santa Monica Mountains in Brentwood is a labyrinthine complex stretching up to 110 acres of Travertine reflecting light at the hilltop.

Spoil yourself with the astonishing art collection from Stone Age to medieval times to present from different nations embellished with the manicured gardens. The incredible architecture of light-colored marble bob having circular concrete-and-steel structure among pools, fountains and ever-changing Central Garden, the Cactus Garden, the outdoor sculpture along with a knockout view of the city make this a must-do destination, even if you are not into art.

The finest collection comprises ofRenaissance paintings, Italian, Flemish and Dutch painting from the 17th to the 19th centuryEuropean paintings, 20th-century American photography, Baroque sculptures, historic and illuminated manuscripts, the huge assortment of Impressionist painting and exquisite decorative arts, as well as 19th- and 20th-century photography.

This multifaceted attraction avails free 45-minute guided tours (for 15-30 people) at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m., moreover the complimentary headsets are available for self-guided audio tours.

The fee to visit…. Yeah ……Important thing…. It’s free!!! You just need to give the parking charges 0f 20$ (you can avoid even this with the provision of city bus which drop you at the gate).

  1. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

The Huntington, one of the world’s greatest research libraries in San Marino might be considered a little extravagant, however with every moving step it becomes apparent that it’s worth every penny spent.

Looking for a garden or in search of some art…. Or want some peaceful reading in a library or to get a glimpse of magnificent aromatic flowers….. Or what you can think of….. History?????

Whatever intriguing thing you are thinking, you are going to get at this sprawling estate stretched in 120 acres adorned with more than a dozen themed gardens including aesthetic desert garden, flabbergasting Japanese garden, Chinese garden and fragrant rose garden. The county withholds nine million items from alluring artifacts to inspiring manuscripts from 1000s to 21st century, Henry David Thoreau’s manuscript of Walden, for instance,and the documents from Abraham Lincon’s life are like an icing to the cake.

That’s not it… the exhibition spaces has an engaging display of literature and paintings and lush botanical gardens have an assortment of orchids, bonsai, cycads and camellias. Don’t miss out on the works of Rogier van der Weyden, Gainsborough and American artists like Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper and Andy Warhol at the Huntington Art Gallery with a marvellous exhibit of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.


What’s your age??? Ahhh ….. Forget it… who cares???

Whatever your age…. an obligatory trip to Disneyland Resort is on the top of your bucket list because you are never too old for DISNEYLAND.

A premier family vacation destination is offered by the incorporation of two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, connected via outdoor shopping area, Hotels, Restaurants and Downtown Disney.

The park offers legendary rides like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad combined with the ecstatic experience of elaborately created sets based on movie themes.

You will get fascinated with the charm of old Hollywood and the buzz of Disney’s Marvel and Pixar movies in the park. People especially the tiny visitors cannot get out of the fun and enchantment of Main Street parades.

Have you already been to the place????…. No worries….A new land is opened in 2019 for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, designed in collaboration with Lucas film.


Thinking of VENICE …. Two words pop up…. Amusing and vibrant having its own unique vibe.

Developed in the early 20th century by Abbot Kinney, the two and half mile stretch of golden sand, known as the Venice Beach boardwalk never fails to create an impression with the daily procession of scantily clad beachgoers and packed withconstant stream of  walkers, cyclers, rollerbladers, and joggers among the eclectic characters.

Name a fun activity …… Muscle Beach, cannabis shops, a skate park, street performers, tattoo parlours, international cuisine, innumerable trinket hawkers….. And it’s there.

The bohemian epicenter of California boldly embraces its eccentric spirit with its arcaded historic buildings, canal side resorts, funky boutiques and restaurants.

For a vacation filled with cool and fun activities, Venice Beach is free for everyone for the whole 24 hours (though parking can be a hassle) and easily accessible through nearby bus stops.

6.     Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The linchpin of Los Angeles museum district with the expansion of 20 acres ornamented with a medley of seven uniquely architectured buildings is the largest museum of the western United States on Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile.

Get mind-boggling experiences of the vast collection encasing every nook and corner of the world exhibiting almost 130,000 artifacts from Impressionist paintings to modern art and admire the Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation, designed from 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps.

Some of the visit-worthy pieces include inventories of Greek, Roman with enthralling Etruscan, American, Latin American, Islamic, Asian art, photography and film as well as eye-catching permanent art installations.

There’s much more to this thought-provoking place like Diego Rivera’s Portrait of Frida Kahlo (1939), Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio by David Hockney (1980), Titian’s Portrait of Jacopo (1532), The Swineherd by Paul Gauguin (1888) and the most recent expansion Transformation.

You can avail this terrific experience with an admission ticket of 25$ for adults and the smaller visitors (17 or younger) gets a free pass.

  1. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

The largest natural history museum of western United States encompasses 4.5 billion years of history within three museums:The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the The Page Museum at The La Brea Tar Pits in Hancock Park and the William S. Hart Ranch and Museum in NewhallSanta Clarita, California.

Get amazed with the Spanish Colonial Revival designed mansion circumjacent by the trails, farm animals, bison, park and a cheerful picnic area. The museum carry forward Hart’s legacy withholding the possessions of movie stars along with Native American artifacts. The charm of the museum gets enhanced with the commemoration of Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and Annual Hart of the West Powwow since 2015.

George C. Page museum is a story teller of the excavation of tar pits with the display of out of the ordinary specimens dug out from the pits. A stroll in the park offers you a splendid view of more than 100 tar pits and the life-size models of prehistoric animals.

The Natural History of Museum is house of immense agglomeration of specimens covering a range of topics on several galleries.

You will surely get astound by the 14,000 square foot Dinosaur Hall having a mind-blowing display of dinosaur skeletons and the spell-bounding experience especially for the younger guests to witness the growth series of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils ranging from baby to adult. You can never ever ignore to explore the 500 years of Southern Californian history in Becoming Los Angeles and the accompanying Discovery Center and Insect Zoo.

Searching for an added advantage??? Okay… there it is… you can have a tour of this amazing place without spending a single penny… yeah…. it’s free.


Movies… all-time favourite source of entertainment…. We all concur to this fact.

And given the opportunity no one misses out to have a tour of the movie sets and if the tour is of Universal Studios…. It becomes a must-do trip.

The fun of having an hour-long tram ride is unmatched as it offers you a peek to the sets of movies like Courthouse Square (To Kill a Mockingbird, Back to the Future, Gremlins) and the house from Psycho (1960) with a fascinating view of certain famous movies, in addition to this you feel the shiver of couple of mishaps, like flash flood and earthquake.

The Universal Studios Theme park serve as the icing on cake with breath-taking theme rides based on blockbuster movies like Wizarding World of Harry Potter having the Flight of the Hippogriff rollercoaster and the Forbidden Journey, a dark ride through Hogwarts and the latest arrival of Jurassic World: The Ride, a “shoot the chute”.

You can meander on the City Walk and pamper yourself with the three-block entertainment area along with awesome places for dining, shopping and to enjoy theater.

It’s not possible to stay away from these dreamy destinations for a long…

So grab your luggage, pack and plan your trip to Los Angeles with Alexa Travel and avail the best flight deals from India to USA for your hassle-free journey.

Airport Hacks: 15 Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

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Airport Hacks: 15 Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

  1. Wear comfy clothes

Do make sure to wear comfortable clothes while on an air travel. Yes, you can travel in style but it should be comfortable because you will be the one carrying your luggage and in case you are wearing something that is uncomfortable then you will have a hard time around. Also, if its a long hour flight, you will face quite some-issues if you are not wearing clothes which will give you comfort during your air travel.

  1. Pack smartly

It is better to pack your luggage smarty rather than having a hard time later on or paying extra cash for your over weight luggage. The best thing to do would be to keep only the stuff that is on the topmost on your priority list. Keeping this in mind will help you pack your luggage based on what is important and what is not important. Also, make sure to keep all your stuff in easy reach as you might need some stuff while on your air travel or at the airport. So, make sure to keep a separate bag for those things that you would need and make sure not to keep them in the main check in bag.

  1. Grab a spare empty plastic bottle

Make sure to keep an empty plastic bottle in your hand bag. This will keep you from being thirsty while at the airport or in the flight. You can easily fill up this water bottle once you are done with your check in and baggage clearance.

  1. Weigh your luggage properly

Make sure to weigh your luggage properly as this would help you save on a lot of time and money as if your luggage is overweight then this could end up being a problem for you.

  1. Carry an extra jacket with a lot of pockets

In case you have a luggage that’s over weight, then the best hack would be to wear a jacket that has a lot of zips or pockets. This would help you to lose some extra weight on your luggage as you will be able to stuff some of it in the jacket of yours while your air travel.

  1. Do not wear a metal belt

The best thing to do would be not to wear a belt but in case you have to then make sure to wear a plastic belt which has buckle on it. What happens is that if you are wearing a metal belt it will make the alarm go on during your security check and that is something you do not want. So, to avoid that make sure to take such precautions beforehand to save up on time that will help you to go on with your journey smoothly.

  1. Make sure to carry a portable mobile charger

This should be a must for you. It has become next to impossible to imagine our lives without a mobile phone and you would not want it go off while you are at the airport or lost in a new place.

So, the best thing would be to carry a power bank or any other portable mobile charger.

  1. Be on a look out for a non crowded gate while on a layover

If you are on a flight layover or your flight is delayed then make sure to sit nearby a place or a gate that is not very crowded or is closed. This will help you have a peaceful time of sleep or some rest during a flight layover or a flight delay for a few hours. Who does not like a good, peaceful sleep?

  1. Keep some warm clothes handy

The best thing would be to either wear a little warmer clothing while on a flight or keep some warm socks. It does get s little chilly while you are on a long hour flight or at the airport. So, in order to avoid catching a cold, the best thing would be to keep or wear socks or something warm while on your air travel.

  1. Put a bright demarcation on your luggage

This will help you not to lose your luggage during check in. There could be many who would be carrying a bag just like yours and might even have the same color. So, in order to avoid confusion at the airport, the best thing would be to put a bright colored ribbon or a mark. This will help you save on a lot of time cause no one likes to wait and that too at the airport when you are super excited.

  1. Keep an extra plastic bag for your toiletry

The best thing would be to keep your toiletries in a handy zip lock bag in your hand carry as you will need it. The stuff available at the airport is super priced so the best thing would be to bring your own toiletries and that too handy as you will need them at the airport and also during the flight or in between layovers.

  1. Click a photo of your parking place

To avoid losing track of where you parked your car, the best thing would be to keep a picture clicked in your cell phone, this will help you to keep a track of your car parking.

  1. Keep extra tissues

Make sure to keep extra tissues or hand wipes or a hand sanitzer. Your cleanliness is in your own hands. It would be better to keep your wipes while on an air travel to keep yourself clean and germ free.

  1. Wrap up your luggage in plastic wrap

The best way to protect your luggage from any damage would be to wrap it up in a fine plastic covering. This will help to protect your luggage in between the check-in process

  1. Follow the left side of the check inline

Everyone has a tendency to go towards the right side of the line. So, the best thing would be to go towards the left side as that would avoid you from standing and waiting in long ques.

Getting through the airport can be tricky, but in this article, we have listed 15 airport hacks and tricks to get you through the airport with success, from getting there to taking off and everything in between. Use these, and your next trip to the airport will be a breeze and also visit for USA to India flight deals.

5 Airport Tips For a First-Timer Flyer

By alexatravel on October 24, 2019 Travel Tips

5 Airport Tips For a First-Timer Flyer

1. Pack your luggage wisely
If it is your first time travelling by air, then make sure to pack properly. It is important to weigh your bag before reaching the airport. Also, make sure to keep your luggage light and not heavy as it will be easier for you to carry it while on your journey and in between check-ins. It is essential to keep a check of what all you need to carry and keep a record of it beforehand. Do carry out a thorough check on how much weight your airline permits you to carry. These numbers may differ from one airline to another which solely depends on which airline you have chosen for your air travel. The reason why it is advised to check the luggage eight beforehand or carry a portable weight checker is to avoid getting charged for carrying extra weight in your luggage. So, it is better to pack right before getting into so much trouble .

2. Flight ticket booking

Flight booking is an easy task but that is only if you get your ticket booked from a well trusted place. Getting a cheap, pocket friendly air ticket from an entrusted portal is a difficult task, but do not worry about it as we at Alexa Travel have come to your rescue. If it is your first time booking an air ticket, then make sure to go through the companies credentials properly before booking a ticket. This will keep you from getting fooled by those eye-catchy deals which in reality are a scam. Make sure to check the different deals that have been mentioned on our website for a wonderful air travel experience with the best.

3. Reaching the airport on time

For a first-timer, the best advice would be to reach the airport an hour before the given time. If the airport is far from your place, then make sure to leave way earlier before the given time. It is better to reach early and wait at the airport than to reach late and miss the flight. The best thing to do would be to reach the airport an hour early when boarding a domestic flight and 3 hours early before boarding an international flight. This will help you save on all the hassle that is usually involved during the check-in. Reaching early will also give you the opportunity to explore the airport well.

On arriving at the airport:

  • Make sure to have your air ticket in hand reach. You will keep needing it during your check-in. Also, keep an extra copy or a screenshot of your ticket just to be on the safer side.
  • Keep your ID card in hand, as it will be checked during your check in
  • Make sure to get your luggage scanned and weighed properly
  • Do not keep any breakable items in your check-in baggage.

4. The security check

Before going through the security check make sure to remove all jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or any belts as they will set the alarm during the security check if you do not remove them during the check in process. It would be better not to wear them during your travel or to remove them before getting into the security check.

5. Identification mark on your luggage

Make sure to put an identification mark on your luggage. This is a must as there might be chances of other people carrying the same color of bag like yours. To avoid any kind of confusion while check-in or receiving your bags, an identification mark would be the best to help you find your bag. This saves on a lot of time and enables you to go about the check-in and check out procedure with ease and comfort.

Flight got delayed or cancelled..Why, What, How to do???

By alexatravel on October 21, 2019 Travel Tips

Flight got delayed or cancelled..Why, What, How to do???

Your flight has been delayed/ cancelled.” This statement strikes as a bummer. With every forwarding step towards the airport, every traveller dread the fateful situation of your flight getting delayed or worse, cancelled. The moment you hear this announcement that you are stranded, you got panic and a sudden burst of multiple thoughts cloud your judgement with a scenarios of what to do and what not to do…….. We have learnt it the hard way that you can never have guarantee of your flight schedule. Why get troubled when travel fly deals is here for troubleshooting. We know that there’s no fun way of dealing with this situation and the delays and cancellation is a part of air travel so, we will give a deep insight to the whole scenario.

Why flights get delayed or cancelled? Yeah….Why?

Why all this happen in the first place???

This is the prime question that pops up into the mind and there can be a number of reasons for this. Let’s have a glimpse into the most common factors

  • From the past three decades the count of passengers get approximately three-fold so, along with this rise the number of reasons for people boarding the flight late like health hazards, hunger or even over some petty fights.
  • With this ever-increasing travellers the number of flights increases in conjunction to this hence, your flights gets delayed in accordance with the air traffic restrictions of like changing routes or radar coverage.
  • We all concur to the fact that aircraft technology is improving with each passing day, but this still can’t put a halt to emerging technical problems which obviously needs to be documented and addressed because “safety comes first” and YES….. This causes a delay in your flight or sometimes be the reason of cancellation.
  • The factor why your aircraft is grounded id the regulations ensuring the rest of their crew which gets prolonged due to the delay of the previous flight.
  • Now, you can neither anticipate nor fight this factor –“act of God”. There are many instances when the flight get delayed and after that cancelled because of the adverse weather conditions.

Sometimes you get encountered with the most astonishing reasons like a UFO siting, long security lines, striking of a lightning bolt or the strike of the conjunction of birds, however most of the time you get to hear the most common expression “operational reasons” as if it serves as the waiver of every responsibility. There can be plenty of reasons for the terrible situation but you should be aware of the techniques of handling if you got stuck amidst the situation (hopefully which will not happen ever- prepare for the worst).

How to manage??

As a customer, you should be aware of your rights and power (they are quite few, but preparation is must). Initially, you need to enquire about the reason of the delay or cancellation of your flight then don’t be afraid to ask for the compensation from the airlines (some companies consider customer demand as the best option).

In US specifically, after a delayed flight airlines provide you with compensation according to some regulations, however, many airlines have their own rule book opt for what’s called a Contract of Carriage, which states that you are entitled to Potential food vouchers, discounts, refunds, or a hotel stay in the event of a flight delay when the airline is at fault.

If the flight is cancelled with the effect of adverse weather conditions then it comes under act of God, and you are entitled to any compensation. But, if the cancellation is due to any mistake of airline or airplane, then you have all the rights to avail about meal and accommodation vouchers and even shuttle ride to and from the hotel to avoid any panicking situation for the next flight.

It is easier to handle cancellations when you have your carry-on bags alongside you, but in case it not and airline has to reroute your checked baggage (which might take a little extra time), then your bags will get delivered to your destination without any extra expenses. In this case just ensure to have the receipts of your luggage till the moment you get your baggage.

If you have to linger for the night( in wait of the next flight) and your toiletries moved with your checked luggage then you can have an amenity kit containing some essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, a sleep mask, lip balm, ear plugs, lotion, etc. from the baggage service office of the airline. (Under Article 22 of Montreal Convention the customer is entitled to a maximum pay-out of approximately 5870USD when proven with the evidences of financial loss which could be avoided with the reasonable measures of the airlines) So, here’s a special note- to read all terms and conditions carefully before making any reservation and try to keep those handy. If you are on the check-in counter when you get this awful news then stay there and try to get rebooked on the spot, if not applicable (connection or delay to the destination) then you have the right to get a refund of your ticket.

Remember not to fall asleep awaiting your delayed flight. Sometimes, the airplane is ready prior to the prescribed time and if you don’t heed to announcements then you might miss your flight and be left there (without any compensation). Along with some out of the ordinary situations you are not entitled to any compensation if you got the information regarding the cancellation of flight two weeks before the departure or you are provided with a re-routing facility between 2 weeks to 7 days prior to departure scheduling your departure time not more than 2 hours before and your arrival time 4 hours after as planned and if the information gets to you in less than 7 days then the departure time can be 1 hour before with the arrival time of 2 hours after as pre-scheduled.

To gather more information for your compensation and to get your claim you can have a look at the EU regulation 261 (provided your flight is eligible under this regulation). I know the knowledge your flight getting delayed/cancelled is frustrating and spoils your travel plans in one go, but try not to panic and not to exasperate on the airline employees as it’s not their fault that you are facing this situation (being friendly comes out to be added advantage in getting compensation or re-routing). And don’t forget that Alexa Travel is at your service and make no stone unturned to facilitate you a safe and hassle-free journey.

Some Tips To Get Low-Fare Flights From Canada to India

By alexatravel on October 15, 2019 Canada To India

Some tips to get low-fare flights from Canada to India

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time flyer or a frequent one when you go through the flight booking process, it becomes overwhelming to get the budget-centric air travel travels considering numerous factors like price, fare class, dates, times, airline, and whatnot. For this you have to spend sleepless nights searching for innumerable airlines and OTA’s (online travel agencies), if you are fortunate enough, you will get some benefit out of it (otherwise you will be empty-handed).

To seek out of this vicious cycle, your true travel companion, Alexa Travel has come up with some amazing tips which you can follow while going for flight booking from Canada to India to get your desired prices.


The key to grabbing the cheap flights from Canada to India is flexibility.

  • Flexibility with dates: to get the tickets at a fixed date at the cheap rate is next to impossible task. A little deviation can earn you a great deal like go for weekdays for traveling instead of weekends (which are generally expensive) and wait for the least expensive dates to book a reasonable air ticket.

Travelling before and after festivals, never a reasonable affair as compared to taking the journey on the day of festival which is quite cheaper.

  • Flexibility with destination: if you are sticking to your departure and arrival destinations, then it’s difficult to find a flight ticket at a cheaper price. The fluctuation in your destination can make you score lesser priced tickets. (Better to go for less popular airports than the famous ones)
  • Flexibility with airlines: some tiny adjustments in your comfort can land you with amazing price deals. Go for connecting flights to reach India from Canada as it saves a ton instead of going for the direct one. (For connecting flights from New Delhi to Canada Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam are the major layover airports)

 A secret search

Your websites keep track of your searches through cookies; hence the fares drastically increase with a frequent search on your search engine. So, to avail the cheapest flight tickets from Canada to India, it is advisable to clear your search history before going for the ticket hunt, even better you can go for the incognito window for low airfares.

Peak travel

Prior research is never harmful.

No worries…..

We’ll do that for you.

So, according to lots and lots of research, it is witnessed that airfares increases in the month of June, July and August and not to forget the festival timing due to increased traffic from Canada to India.

It’s better to avoid visiting in the peak season and save a hefty amount.

Extra Luggage

We know that every airline has its baggage policy and we have to pack the luggage in accordance with those norms. To prevent yourself from bearing extra charges have limited stuff in your baggage so that you don’t have to pay even a penny more for extra luggage.

To get unmatched airfares from Canada to India, visit Alexa Travel and fly according to your desires.

First Time Flyers: Here’s a Travel Guide From USA to India

By alexatravel on October 9, 2019 Travel Tips

Best Flight Deals For First Time Flyer  From USA to INDIA

“Are you going to board the flight for the first time??? Even going for air travel after so many years feels like the first time.

As an airport virgin, a few…..naahh…. many thoughts must be hovering in your mind. The dilemma of what to pack and what formalities you need to follow at the airport because all the airport juggling is quite a daunting task.

But there’s nothing to worry about when your travel companion Alexa Travel is here to resolve all your queries and remove all your first-time fears by providing a travel guide to smoothen your path.

  1. Ticket booking

First things first….. Book your air ticket in advance whenever you are planning your visit to India, contemplating your itinerary (it requires time).

Booking flight tickets take the toll, considering the availability of multiple options. The struggle of choosing the most appropriate airline for you and your loved ones not only in terms of fares but with the suitable provision of meal, entertainment as well as comfort.

Then comes the option of seats. Basically there are three types of seats in a plane, aisle seats, window seats and the middle one. Choose the seat wisely according to your comfort (if you need more leg space then you should go for a spacious emergency seat).

Alexa Travels comprehends the complications you face, hence provide an optimum solution rendering the unmatched air travel deals from USA to India in accordance with your preferences and budget.


  1. Luggage packing

Pack light…. Pack right. When you are travelling for the first time, there’s always a confusing situation in packing stuff….. what to pack and what to leave. Before initiating your packing make sure to have a look on specifically two things.

  • Keep a check on the climatic conditions of the region of India you are planning to go as India is diverse in climatic as well as geographical terms and weather changes throughout the year in accordance with varying topography.
  • Every airline has set rules some for the baggagewhich you have to adhere, for the weigh you can carry and the prohibited which you must avoid to put in your luggage for the safety of passengers, for instance. Don’t forget to keep a track on the guidelines of the airlines which you have chosen. You can carry your stuff in two different forms.
  • Check-in luggage- thisis your big bang stuffed with anything and everything you will need for your trip. However, for this you cannot exceed the size, number and weight of bag as prescribed by airlines or you have to pay additional charges for it which is checked for security purposes at check-in counter.
  • Handbag: this is a personal item which you can carry in the cabin of the flight along with you packed with your personal items or toiletries which is required during the flight such as food, medicine, and clothes or even a laptop(according to norms of the airlines). The liquids container larger than 4 ounces/ 100mlare prohibited.
  1. Reach the airport

If you know your way around, good, if not, keep a track of the route prior to the boarding day and never forget to follow the Rule of thumb to reach the airport 3 hours earlier to catch a flight from USA to India and to avoid the ever-increasing traffic at airport( be more careful during festive season).

You will never be at loss by reaching early, instead, can get other advantages like exploring various shopping places or have amazing delicacies at the airport or relax in comforting lounges…. Airports are quite astonishing these days. Moreover, in case of any confusion regarding can be dissolved without any rush and anxiety of missing flight.

  1. Airport formalities

The journey from the terminal gate to your flight can lead to lead to dismay, especially for first-timers as the airport formalities can be a bit confusing and you can lose your way around the airport if you were unaware of the airport traditions.

  • Want to get through the terminal smoothly??? …….Always keeps your ticket handy along with one identity proof.
  • Trolleys are always stacked near the departures entrance for you, so put up your stuff on the trolley and run along with the airport freely.
  • Once you get inside the airport directly move into the direction of your airline section with your documents and get a boarding pass (which is very important) or even the seat of your choice(if you haven’t already chosen) from the check-in counter or a nearby electronic kiosk.
  • Head towards the security check for the scanning of your check-in baggage. For your security check, you need to place your belongings (except boarding pass) in the X-ray tray and pass through a metal detector. Don’t forget to collect your stuff from the tray.
  • Weighing is crucial for every airline and is done at this stage. For this, you have to get your checked-in baggage at the counter so that it gets tagged and sent off to the airplane.
  • Finally, move to your departure gate and wait for any information regarding your flight. It can be either done by announcement or flashed at the display board, so keep your eyes and ears out.
  1. Plane boarded

After completing the rigorous processing at the airport when you board your plane, look out for the seat number allotted to you or can take assistance from the crew members. Before getting settled on your seat you need to keep your hand baggage in the overhead bin close to your seat and handbag under the seat in front of you. After settling your belongings you can grab your seat put on your seat belt. Make sure to switch off your cell phone and listen each and every instruction carefully given by the flight attendant. 

  1. Reach your destination

Enjoying your first (or first in a long time) flight you reach your desired destination (India). Now, you have to face immigration and custom for the final time. Get your documents checked and then claim your baggage.

Now, move out of the airport and enjoy your vacations. Fly with Alexa Travel and enjoy every travel. Have a knowledgeable and safe journey!!!!

Experience The Amazing Dussehra Festivities

By alexatravel on October 7, 2019 Travel Tips

Experience The Amazing Dussehra Festivities

It’s that time of the year again….. Fervour prevails all over India and people are immersed in elegant ethnicity and souls with emotions.

Fun….rituals…… traditions…… feast…… pomp…… colours…. burning of Ravana’s effigies…. Fanfare…… pageantry…….The victory of good over evil. Vijayadashami (or dussehra), a perfect combination of delectation with culture makes everyone spell-bound with its ecstasy and then a story-teller.

Alexa Travel is here to give you a deep insight into the marvellous celebrations of Dussehra at the 5 best places in India. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to capture the most mesmerizing moments.

A peep for the reason

The mighty festival of Dussehra is celebrated all over with great enthusiasm and for different reasons. People from southern, eastern and north-eastern states commemorate this day in the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura (Buffalo demon) marking the end of Durga Puja, whereas northern and western states celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over demon Ravana marking the end of Ramlila.

In accordance to another mythological belief on this occasion, more than a million Kuru warriors including BhishmaDronaAshwatthamaKarnaKripa were decimated by Arjuna.

When are the celebrations???

The grand festival of Dussehra is celebrated on the sixth and seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar, tenth day in accordance with the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin or Kartik, respectively. Be ready for the astonishing fest on 8 October 2019.

Best places for celebration

1. Mysore: Dasara

The regal city of Mysore celebrates the state festival Dasara with royalty for ten days (29 September 2019 to 8 October, 2019) in the honour of Goddess Chamundeshwari.

The tradition celebration dating way back to 1610 is charismatic leaving you enchanted.

The extravagant festivity by Mysore royals is a spectacle to behold. The splendorous dazzle of 100,000 light bulbs embellish the Mysore Palace during the festivity along with themed programmes of dance, music and the culture of Karnataka.

The last day awe-inspiring event comprises of a traditional elephant procession (Jumboo Savari) accompanied with Colorful floats, cultural troupes proceeding to fireworks, daredevil motorcycle stunts, and a laser show.

The prominent attractions incorporates Yuva Dasara (an event targeted at the youth), food festival, cultural programs at various venues, sound and light show, sporting events (such as wrestling), heritage cycling, a shopping festival, a flower show, vintage car rally, kite festival, and film festival.

2. Kullu Dussehra

Kullu Dussehra is a majestic week-long festival dating back to 17th century. The charisma of red dresses metallic idol of Goddess Chamunda garlanded in marigold instated on a palanquin carried on the heads of worshippers along with the gracious presence of Lord Ghatotkach and Goddess Hidimba is bewitching teeming with the crisp Himalayan air surrounding by the mellifulous calls of the Narasingha trumpets (buffalo-horn). The celebrations starts on Vijayadashmi with a tribute to Lord Raghunathji by the goddess with the installation of idol on the beauteous chariot adorned with the presence of village gods and goddess in the peaceful ambience of colour and music. The festivity with a blend of rituals, history along with rich culture is celebrated with dancing and singing for the 7 days. You cannot miss the precession of Lord Raghunathji led by the king and the shopping of authentic handicrafts from fair while enjoying the folk music.

The last day of merrymaking is accomplished with the bringing the chariot to the banks of River Beas followed by the ritual of burning the mass of wood grass betokens as the burning of Lanka.

3.     Delhi Dusshera

The savour of Dusshera in Delhi is unforgettable with the most dramatic and entertaining celebrations of nine long days of worship and fasting and extravaganza Ramlila show (theatrical depiction of the eternal good defeats evil- mythological story) at Subhash Maidan, Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, Ramlila Maidan, the Red Fort grounds and at the Red Fort lawns. The jolly making culminates into breathtaking fireworks dazzling the night sky as the Towering effigies of demon King Ravana, his son Meghnad and brother Kumbhakaran blazed and crackled in fiery splendour amidst the enthusiastic cheering of the crowd.

The savour of Dusshera in Delhi is unforgettable with the most dramatic and entertaining celebrations of nine long days of worship and fasting and extravaganza Ramlila show (theatrical depiction of the eternal good defeats evil- mythological story) at Subhash Maidan, Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, Ramlila Maidan, the Red Fort grounds and at the Red Fort lawns. The jolly making culminates into breathtaking fireworks dazzling the night sky as the Towering effigies of demon King Ravana, his son Meghnad and brother Kumbhakaran blazed and crackled in fiery splendour amidst the enthusiastic cheering of the crowd.

4.     Varanasi Ganga Dussehra

Get ready with your cameras to capture the picturesque scenes of the might festival Dussehra over the river Ganges…..

Ganga Dussehra in Varanasi is celebrated to honour the journey of river Ganges from heaven to Earth. You can enjoy the magnificent Ramlila initiated by King of Kashi at Ramnagar and the devotional Durga Puja along with the sprinkling of Varanasi’s own traditional way of celebration.
The day is filled with fast accompanied with a holy dip in the divine water of River Ganges. You must attend the special Aarti on all the 84 ghats especially Assi Ghat and get mesmerized with the view of earthen lamps and flowers bejewelling the holy water. The aroma of fairs besides river banks paired with the euphonious devotional songs will surely fill you up with devotion and rituals.
Go for bathe in the holy water with a belief that a single dip into River Ganges on this special occassion washes away ten sins.

5.     Kolkata Durga Puja

A visit to the Dussehra capital, Kolkata is simply delightful.

The grandeur celebrations are done in the honour of reverence of Goddess Durga believed to be emerged from the collective energy of all Gods as an embodiment of Shakti or divine feminine power who destroyed demon Mahishasura; blessed to not be defeated by any man or god.

The look of eagerness and excitement is conspicuous on people’s faces prior to the celebration of 10 days festival.

Get immersed in Overcrowded streets with more than 3000 huge decorated pandals exhibiting outstanding creativity, exquisite and scrumptious traditional cuisine(only place to get traditional non-vegetarian meals during this time of the year), profusion of opulent heritage and culture, irresistible and delightful music and dance, magnificent lighting illuminating the pandals and the city gets literally lit up with festivity……. And what not????

You should not miss out on the precession for Goddess Durga on the first day and the enormous celebration on the tenth day. On Vijayadashami women (especially married women) initiates the precession with the application of Sinddor powder on Goddess and to each other symbolizing marriage and fertility followed by immersion of Goddess’s idol in the water. The most popular place is Babu Ghat near Eden Gardens.

Pack your luggage and get ready to explore the mighty land, India during the zeal of festivity and get submerged in vibrant traditions and frolics. Book your flight tickets from USA to India this festivity and avail amazing deals with unmatched prices.

Hurry!!!! You don’t wanna miss all the excitement dipped in rituals. Do you???