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Here’s everything you need to know about: BIOMETRICS AT AIRPORT waiting to board the flight? “Say cheeeeseseee” to the camera. Yeah.

The future is here. We have all been through the tiresome experience of waiting in long lines for a security check to get aboard the plane witnessed people forgetting their identification proofs. But …. Cheer now!!! Because all this is the thing of the past and This time Travel fly deals has come to you with a brightening news of the advancement in security system with the installation of biometric system at airports which will make the waiting in long queues a bygone by speeding up the process of check-in. So, let’s dive into the new era of airport security and get along with what it unfolds.

The amazingly new biometric systems launched by SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) smart path continuing at several airports around the world initiating with three continents incorporating14 Korean domestic airports, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, LAX, and JFK among 20 US airports and Bengaluru International Airport of India. In view of the tremendous rise in the crowd at airport with the ever-increasing demand of effortless journey the trials or full rollouts of biometric scanning systems are planned to be implemented by 77% of airports and 71% of airlines between 2018 and 2022.

Why and How it will work?

Despite the criticism on matters of the invasion of privacy, IATA have a vision to provide passengers with a seamless and efficient journey maintaining the security, security and privacy in conjunction, hence for this IATA encourages the collaboration between air transport stakeholders and airports to leverage this new technology through frameworks and standards. On-going with the vision airports are trying to substitute your each and every form of travel documents for your identification and authentication at all stages from entering airport to boarding the plane with “all biometric airport” system based on “privacy by design” principle facilitating the passengers with biometric self-service facilities which will verify your identity at every touch points including check in, bag drop, border clearance and boarding.

The foremost step of biometric authentication is the enrolment process. In this, at the first touch point, the biometric details of the passenger like iris, face, fingerprints or measure the unique facial landmarks (distance between the eyes or from forehead to chin) are collected by the SITA biometric system or even by taking a “selfie” on a dedicated mobile application (Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia tried biometric boarding in partnership with Amadeus in which Passengers were enrolled by taking a selfie on the Amadeus smartphone app) and cross-check that with the photo on your passport. This special and precise information is accumulated on a secure platform to match with your travel documents on the forthcoming touch points. Along with the identity evaluation the verification is performed via government agencies’ databases. This process generates a “single token” which will be used in the subsequent steps for your identification eliminating the need for redundant document checking (boarding pass, passport).

This streamlined process does not conclude with the security option, it offers further advantages like :

    • Providing real time visibility of the whereabouts of the passengers making it easier to locate the missing travellers, avoiding the departure delays.
    • The whole process can be expedited with the recognition of passengers with short connection time.
    • The data collected once can be further used for future travelling….. now, you can move quickly out of the boredom of getting verified every you put your step in the airport.
    • The anticipation of demand from the entry level helps in better management of passenger flow making a room for more travellers(which the airports usually defer to as action required is infrastructure expansion- no excuse now!), ultimately leading to the improvement in usage of space as well as capacity gains and not to forget the reduction in operational costs.
    • Diminishing the possibility of imposters travelling across borders using a false identity.
    • The reduction in queues at airport landslide areas will eventually diminish the potential terror threat.
    • And last but not least, the prominent factor is it saves your time, the whole screening process which too you around 25 minutes to complete will be finished in ten minutes……..a sigh of relief! So, it is a win-win for the airports, airlines as well as the passengers. But for this to be all bright and shiny it has a long way to go as the there are some issues which needs to be addressed like
    • The biometric details of the passenger should match with the previously stored data, hence the difficulty in achieving high level of accuracy no two face can have100% similarity. So, the data will be a close match not an exact match.
    • The system needs a way out from the two major errors o False Acceptance Rates which measures the number of cases when the system authorize an unauthorized person o False Rejection Rates which measures the number of cases when the system fails to recognize a traveller who was yet authorized to pass through the biometric self-service facility.
    • The time lapse in an attempt to compare the live biometrics with the database causes a great risk of error. Nevertheless, the biometric system at the airports has to overcome a lot of technical as well as invasion of privacy (the system cannot be forced) and the assessment of pros and cons of this technology needs to be considered. However, one thing is for sure that this system will revolutionize and change the face of the security at airports. Explore the new trends of travelling with Alexa Travel for USA to India flights.

Here’s How You Can Save on Black Friday Major Flight Sales

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Black Friday is the only most popular day with historical importance in the whole year for retailers in the US. Black Friday is much-awaited sales of the year which resembles the start of the US Christmas shopping season. Every company comes up with heavy discounts & offers on their products.

Last year a record of $6.22 billion was made by the US retailers in Black Friday business only in online sales. With the addition of online components in Black Friday, these sales have included more than toys and electronics. Now the airlines have been coming up with their sales & special discounts.

You can expect from many major airlines to post discounts on flights & vacation packages for this big day such as Delta, Southwest, Ryanair, Emirates, Singapore, British Airways, JetBlue, Easy Jet, and Norwegian. Till now only a few airlines have announced their offers. We are expecting more offers to be announced as Black Friday and Cyber Monday is getting closer. So, what are you waiting, just check out which airline is giving what offer and plan your vacation in a budgeted manner.

Till the time you check up yourself about the offers and discounts, we will tell you about the specials announced by some of the airlines.

Air France

This airline is offering triple miles instead of any discounts to its frequent flyer members of Flying Blue on the flights of round trips between the US and Paris. For taking the advantage of this offer you can start booking now till December 2nd and between the 7th of December till the 31st of March.

La Compagnie

This French airline with all business class is giving a pre-Black Friday sale. You can fly a round trip in business class for just $1000 from Paris and New York if your booking is done maximum by November 26. These fares are valid for the travel time starting from now till the 30th of April and all these are subject to the availability of tickets. This luxury airline usually offers the rates for its business class that are competitive but we hardly see them going below $1500.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

This airline is co-owned by Air France airlines mainly by the KLM group of Air France is giving the same promotion to frequent flyer members of Flying Blue as offered by Air France. You can earn triple Flying Blue miles for your travel between the US and Amsterdam for the round trip flights if you book your tickets by the 2nd of December and plan your travel between the 7th of December and 31st o March.

As Black Friday and Cyber, Monday are approaching near, we are expecting a huge number of airlines to announce their deals. Be sure to have a complete check on the offers and deals of airlines so that you can enjoy your travel in a cost-effective manner. Looking for cheapest flight deals from USA to India on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You’ve come to the right place. Book your ticket now with Alexa Travel and get ready to cherish the adorable moment at affordable prices.





Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

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Experience The Enticement of Tri-Valley

The Tri-valley, a triangular-shaped region on the eastern side of San Francisco bay hills is a true-blue experience for visitors. This beyond the world destination is just 18 miles south-east of Oakland and 33 miles from San Francisco, enclosing the beautiful cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville.

You might have a thought ….. What these exteriors of California have to offer for your special vacation. Let’s explore a valley constituting of three valleys, Amador Valley, Livermore Valley and San Ramon Valley that merge below Mt Diablo.

The region set amidst rolling hills comprising of restaurants, cafes, theatres, one-of-a-kind boutiques, bustling events, and approximately 55 wineries offers a melange of things to do and enjoy and you definitely find one thing or the other that make you fall in love with this spectacular place. Alexa Travel is your travel companion and fulfills your desire for a perfect vacation.


Livermore Valley is a heaven for wine lovers pioneered by Robert Livermore tracing its origin to 1883. The perfect way to discover north California’s hidden Wine County is Livermore Wine Trolley.

A ticket on the Livermore Valley Wine Trolley takes you to the luscious landscapes providing you the exquisite experience of wine-tasting. Hop aboard the trolley and have the Taste of Livermore in line with your choices. What more??? Discounts….yay! yeah numerous discounts are there for you at the wineries as well as restaurant coupons for downtown Livermore restaurants.

Sshhhhh…. Complimentary wine-tasting is offered by many wineries. Customize your tour wisely.


Want to leave behind your humdrum routine and undergo a grandiose vacation???? Choose a personalized tour on a safe and reliable limousine to the most exclusive wineries with your very own professional chauffeur.


Why get confined to just tasting of wine when you can explore the viticulture and wine-making practices along with the uniqueness of USS Rubino. This transformed WW2 Duck Boat renders a tour around the adjoining estate to have a glance at Rubino’s mesmerizing vineyards. So, just sit back and get amused as the Tour Captains turn back the pages of history and guide you into the vineyard. In addition to this, you take the leisure in tasting award-winning wine and enjoy the mouth-watering food-wine pairing.


Have you ever wondered of making a bottle of wine all by yourself??? Turn your dream into reality and uncork your inner winemaker at Wente’s Winemakers Studio. This thrilling adventure includes tasting, evaluation, and blending of estate blocks of wine to craft your own bottle. The dazzling experience does not end here. Wente’s Winemaking has a lot more to offer you – Get to Know Pinot, Wine & Food Pairing Experience, Dessert and Wine Pairing and Tiny Bubbles Wait ….. The fascination has not ended yet. I’m aware that spelunking is a passion … but what happens when it is in a wine cave? Yes, Wente Vineyard’s historic sandstone caves provide a special underground wine and cheese pairing experience. In this unique setting, the history of Wente’s longstanding family-owned operations is unveiled. Is your palate aware of the taste of different wines?? A distinctive class is organized by Wente Vineyard that challenges its guests to rely on their sense of smell and taste to anticipate the wine instead of their sight. This luscious and learning exposure for amateurs and sommeliers alike focuses on the distinct differences between various varietals and how to identify them.


Board the Blue Brew Bus to come across the ever-emerging craft beer scene. This out-of-the-ordinary bus tour incorporates a convenient pick-up and drop-off facility at local Bart stations, an insight of 3 craft breweries lead by tour guides, a “cheers beer” at the time of boarding, a souvenir tasting glass, and exciting discounts at breweries. Don’t get deceived by the bus’s retro chassis as it encompasses a state-of-art interior with complete with first-rate sound system with the lightning that flashes to the beat along with two refrigerated coolers to provide chilled supplies.


The historically significant installation in an extensive auto gallery featuring one-of-a-kind productions is a peculiarity of The Blackhawk Museum. The museum is a platform for several cultural exhibits including The Spirit of the Old West, Into China and Art of Africa. Docent-guided tours with 10 or more members are organized to the auto gallery. (the tours have admissions on every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm and the first Friday of the month at 2 pm. The Old West tours are arranged on the second Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm.)


A wine bus! Doesn’t it sound so amazing and gratifying? Relish the pleasure of a two-hour-long wine tasting expedition on a completely customized wine bus with wine barrel seats and vintage-inspired decor. The comprehensive excursion throughout the vineyards and production facility is embarked at the tasting room. The ecstasy grows by witnessing the journey of grapes from wine to bottle. At the historic water tower, the facilitation of siting and wine pairing is there. The journey is concluded with Ruby Hill port and chocolate.

Get ready to explore the magnificent and sensual tri-valley with your friends or that someone special. Prepare your bag packs and plan your exotic trip with Alexa Travel. Ready! Set! Get Lost in the world of scenic beauty with wine. If you are looking for flight deals to India from USA then by choosing us, you are just selecting the best.


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Whenever the thought of travelling crosses my mind, it always leaves me with a question….. Why should I walk when I can fly??

And it’s aptly said by Henry Ford “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” This arise the curiosity to explore more flying options. We at Alexa Travel works round the clock to provide you with best of the best. So, today we are going to have an insight into the world’s best airline of the year (by Skytrax) – Qatar Airways.

Qatar – youngest global airline serves in all the 6 continents of the world connecting more than 160 destinations every day. This world’s fastest-growing airline provides the experience of the most technologically advanced aircraft (Airbus A350- 1000) with the maximum capacity (Airbus A380– largest passenger jet of the world). This airline renders the special facilities for mobility assistance and to expectant mothers as well as unaccompanied minors. Have a pleasure of extraordinary and sumptuous cuisine along with in-flight entertainment with 4,000 entertainment options to choose from, or you just lean back and enjoy your spacious sanctuary in the sky.

Though, it is so tempting already…. But, there’s no harm in making it more enticing with some special offers.

  • Discover the economic and cultural capital of Thailand with its spirituality with fares starting from USD 781(let me share a secret …..ssshhhh…. book your flight as soon as possible and experience the blend of tradition with modernity because fares are going to rise in December 2019 ).
  • Traverse the exotic archipelago and feel the magnificent aura of the magical ancient Persia, Ottoman Turkey and Indian the prices starting from USD 1623.
  • Fly to the south Asia’s most culturally vibrant city – Peshawar. it is sure to get allured with the distinctive Afghan flavors with the fares starting from USD 1263 and indulge in the aroma of spices.
  • Open the portal to the parallel world by taking a flight to Manila and have the delight of Asia’s fastest-growing metropolises in a price of USD 775.
  • Visit the town of Lord Anantha, a millennium-old Indian historic city – Thiruvanthapuram with fares starting from USD 840 and get mesmerized with the beautiful spot on India’s Arabian Sea coast.
  • Get fascinated by the glittering Aegean sea of Greek island and enjoy the sun-bleached beaches of Mykonos with fares starting with USD 1176.
  • Fly to the land of Sandy beaches and rugged coastlines stand alongside volcanic hillsides, lush rainforests and traditional rice paddies with the most finest surfing and scuba-diving sites, one and only Bali with fares starting from USD 754.
  • Step into the city of myth and mysteries and experience the epic adventure of Sinbad at Basra with prices starting from USD 1454.
  • Discover the home of Nelson Mandela and take pleasure in vibrant cultural and economic scenes of Johannesburg with the fare of USD 796.
  • Get enchanted by an enigmatic city with the bustling multicultural metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. You surely get dazzled by Southeast Asia’s most vibrant culinary scenes. The offer for you starts from USD 689.
  • Want to stroll through white beaches and take a selfie at picturesque harbors?? Then get your flight booked now at USD 818 to Dar es Salaam.
  • Feel the exuberance of Vietnamese culture amid Eurasian architecture in a tropical climate of Hanoi by flying there with starting fares of USD 790 and get enthralled by the mixture of dynastic and colonial history.

Getting eager to book your air ticket in Qatar????

This is just a trailer …… come and get bewitched by the full movie with Alexa Travel, as we have a lot more offers in our treasure(more than you can imagine….yeah) to serve you.

Do not wait any longer when you can get the best deals on air ticketing with Alexa Travel now.

How Much Gold Can a Traveller Carry Into India

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How Much Gold Can a Traveller Carry Into India

How much gold you can carry to India from wedding to investment, there are lots of reasons which proves how much we Indians are obsessed with gold. Gold is the highly demanding asset and its value increases day by day. We can convert it into cash in an emergency. In need of this help as a friend, we Indians love to buy gold from foreign countries due to their low costs and quality.

But from past some years, there are so many prohibitive conditions and customs duty on this yellow metal by government. This import is disheartening for many people from India who used to buy gold from abroad many of you will have the same question in your mind is that how much gold now you can carry , what type of gold materials you can carry with yourself etc. So if you are in this dilemma then this post is only for you because we compiled a list of some important questions which will help you and overcome your stress.

What is the duty-free subsidy on gold for Indian passengers?

An Indian who has been staying in a foreign country for more than one year is permitted to bring jeweler up to an approximate weight of :

  • For the male passenger, the maximum limit is 20 grams.
  • For the female passenger, the maximum limit is 40 grams.

Is any subsidy applicable to kids also?

Yes, of course the duty-free subsidy on gold is applicable to kids also.

Can you bring a gold biscuit within the subsidy amount?

No, you can’t bring the gold biscuit within your subsidy amount. the duty-free subsidy is only on the gold jewelry. For any other form such as coin, biscuits you will have to pay the duty charges as per the rule of the Indian government.

From which method they calculate the gold price?

They calculate the gold price based on the value provided by the government of India. This value fluctuates with time, as per the market rates.

What is the maximum limit of gold that can bring after the free subsidy amount?

The person who has an Indian passport and if he is staying in abroad from at least 6 months then he can bring approximate 1 kg of gold along with him.

What are the criteria if not completed six months abroad? In that case, probably your subsidy charges will increase on all of your golds which will you bring along with yourself.

Why Receive Export certificate?

This certificate is issued by the customs department. This certificate consists of information such as details, weight, and description of the item. Departing passengers from India are eligible to take an export certificate for the jewelry or any high rated items. An export certificate is valid for a maximum of 3 years and in these 3 years you can bring your item to India at any of time without any disturbance, you only need to bring this certificate with your respective items along with you.

 Is it necessary to declare the gold?

Yes definitely if you have gold, above the free duty subsidy than you will have to declare it. In this case, No declaration of gold can be the cause of the penalty, not only penalty even you may be arrested too.

 Is any alternate option for those who don’t have money to pay duty charges?

If you are not able to pay money as the duty charge of your gold than the custom keep your gold with itself until you return. And whenever you are returning back from India they hand over to you your gold. So here these are some crucial information which you must know before carrying the gold while traveling in India, now we hope that this post will really are helpful for you especially for those who are visiting for the first time.

Here’s The List of Prohibited Items That You Cannot Carry To India

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List of Prohibited Items That You Cannot Carry To India

Whether you are a first timer or a frequent flyer, there’s always a dilemma in what to pack and what not to………while going for air travel you should be aware what is prohibited at airport and what you can carry.

You must have heard or encountered people facing some issues before departure like repacking the stuff or paying hefty fines because of inappropriate items in the baggage.

To prevent this situation your true travel companion Alexa Travel has come to you with a list of materials which you should avoid carrying while visiting India.

Some Personal stuff

We all love our personal belongings, but to carry the stuff which can cause even some itty-bitty harm is restricted by the airlines which includes Lighters, Scissors, metal with pointed tips and no displaying of inner ninja out there with Realistic replica of any toy weapon.

Sharp objects

Keeping some things handy for a quick nose hair grooming in lavatory or to have a quick meal with your own sanitized cutlery??? Your airlines won’t allow you to carry all items like box Cutters, Ice Axes/Ice Picks, Meat Cleavers, Razor-type blades such as box cutters Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery) , utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge(but excluding safety razors).

Just imagine a person carrying a sword at airport… to put a halt to this weird imagination turning to reality airlines put restriction on carrying Sabres or Sword.


Sporting Goodies

A big fan of sports??  To your disappointment you cannot carry your favourite sports item including Hockey Sticks, Lacrosse Sticks , Baseball Bats, Bows and Arrows, Ski Poles, Spear Guns, Cricket Bats, Golf Clubs, , Pool Cues(airlines consider these products ‘dangerous”)

No Weapons

Airlines give a big NO to each or any kind of weapon and you should never carry the products like Compressed Air Guns, Firearms, Realistic Replicas of Firearms, Starter pistols, Parts of Guns and Firearms, Pellet Guns, Ammunition, BB guns while going in a flight.

Tools are safe at workplace

Until and unless you are a dedicated working person and get your stuff handy, why would anyone feel the need to need to carry products such as Axes and hatchets, Cattle Prods, Crowbars, Hammers, Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers), Saws (including cordless portable power saws), Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits), Wrenches, Drills (including cordless portables power drills) and Pliers in your baggage which can cause mayhem. So be careful and don’t pack your tools on a flight.

Martial Arts/Self Defence Items

It doesn’t matter how much you are concerned about your self-defence, airline won’t allow you to board the flight with destructive products like Billy Clubs, Black Jacks, Stun Guns/Shocking Devices, Throwing Stars, Brass Knuckles, Kubatons, Mace/Pepper Spray, Night Sticks, Nunchakus, Martial Arts/Self Defense Items or any kind of Martial Arts Weapons.

Items not to be Carried In Hand Baggage not Even As Checked-in Baggage

So, there are some things which you cannot carry, not even as your checked-in little luggage. You can never ever pack up some stuff no matter how important it is (though, the list doesn’t contain any such important materials).


The first item on the list of strictly prohibited things is explosives. If you get caught up with any type of explosive in your luggage, then you are in a grave danger. So, be careful not to fill up your bags with Flare Guns,Flares (in any form), Hand Grenades, Gun Lighters and Gun Powder, Explosive material, Blasting caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Plastic Explosives or any Realistic Replicas of Explosives.

Compressed gases

The thought of carrying a cylinder filled with some compressed gas is an eerie. The problem is solved by Indian airports by banning the stuff like Oxygen, Liquid nitrogen, Butane, and Aqualung cylinders whether it is deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable ora poisonous one.

Flammable Items

Only a miniature version of products such as Aerosol for personal care or toiletries are allowed in limited quantities,  other than that no flammable item permitted in the airport premises including Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel), Turpentine and Paint Thinner, Gasoline, Lighter Fluid, Gas Torches, Strike anywhere matches, Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries

Oxidizing materials

You definitely have to kill your urge to have a nice pedicure session and keep the oxidizing stuff like bleaching powder and peroxides at your place.

Poisonous and infectious substances

Indians being good at hospitality kills any and all insects by themselves to provide supreme comfort to their guests, hence there’s no need to bring live virus materials, insecticides or weed-killers with you.

Radio-active materials

Consider the safety for everyone boarding the plane and don’t grab the CorrosivesSuch as alkalis, mercury, acids, wet cell batteries, oven or drain cleaners with you. Only the wet cell batteries in wheelchairs are allowed at airports.

Some Other dangerous articles

Adding to the list of denied items at Indian airports there are magnetized, offensive or irritating materials or any type of Briefcases and attaché cases with installed alarm devices are also not allowed.

Restricted Items

There are certain other things which are restricted at Indian airports, but you can carry that with only with advance approval in accordance to the norms of interlining carriers, Air Indiaand local regulations. The items included in this category are dry ice, portable medical electronic devices, Battery-powered wheelchairs with spillable/non-spillable batteries, etc.

There’s a Ban on Carriage of Self Balancing Devices powered by Lithium Battery in the Baggage. Hence, your iMac pro (limited series) cannot accompany you in your delightful flight.

You can carry some of your battery cells in but only in hand baggage for the usage in any electrical / electronic items.For portable electronic devices, if required some Batteries spare / loose, including lithium ion cells or batteries can carried but just in carry-on baggage. Pack up your lithium metal batteries or the lithium metal content for the flight considering the Watt-hour rating of your lithium ion batteries must not exceed 100 Wh and you should not exceed the quantity to 2 g for lithium metal.

Pack safe…. Fly safely.

Fly with Alexa travel from USA to India and get a convenient, hassle-free journey.

First Time Flyers: Here’s a Travel Guide From USA to India

By alexatravel on October 9, 2019 Travel Tips

Best Flight Deals For First Time Flyer  From USA to INDIA

“Are you going to board the flight for the first time??? Even going for air travel after so many years feels like the first time.

As an airport virgin, a few…..naahh…. many thoughts must be hovering in your mind. The dilemma of what to pack and what formalities you need to follow at the airport because all the airport juggling is quite a daunting task.

But there’s nothing to worry about when your travel companion Alexa Travel is here to resolve all your queries and remove all your first-time fears by providing a travel guide to smoothen your path.

  1. Ticket booking

First things first….. Book your air ticket in advance whenever you are planning your visit to India, contemplating your itinerary (it requires time).

Booking flight tickets take the toll, considering the availability of multiple options. The struggle of choosing the most appropriate airline for you and your loved ones not only in terms of fares but with the suitable provision of meal, entertainment as well as comfort.

Then comes the option of seats. Basically there are three types of seats in a plane, aisle seats, window seats and the middle one. Choose the seat wisely according to your comfort (if you need more leg space then you should go for a spacious emergency seat).

Alexa Travels comprehends the complications you face, hence provide an optimum solution rendering the unmatched air travel deals from USA to India in accordance with your preferences and budget.


  1. Luggage packing

Pack light…. Pack right. When you are travelling for the first time, there’s always a confusing situation in packing stuff….. what to pack and what to leave. Before initiating your packing make sure to have a look on specifically two things.

  • Keep a check on the climatic conditions of the region of India you are planning to go as India is diverse in climatic as well as geographical terms and weather changes throughout the year in accordance with varying topography.
  • Every airline has set rules some for the baggagewhich you have to adhere, for the weigh you can carry and the prohibited which you must avoid to put in your luggage for the safety of passengers, for instance. Don’t forget to keep a track on the guidelines of the airlines which you have chosen. You can carry your stuff in two different forms.
  • Check-in luggage- thisis your big bang stuffed with anything and everything you will need for your trip. However, for this you cannot exceed the size, number and weight of bag as prescribed by airlines or you have to pay additional charges for it which is checked for security purposes at check-in counter.
  • Handbag: this is a personal item which you can carry in the cabin of the flight along with you packed with your personal items or toiletries which is required during the flight such as food, medicine, and clothes or even a laptop(according to norms of the airlines). The liquids container larger than 4 ounces/ 100mlare prohibited.
  1. Reach the airport

If you know your way around, good, if not, keep a track of the route prior to the boarding day and never forget to follow the Rule of thumb to reach the airport 3 hours earlier to catch a flight from USA to India and to avoid the ever-increasing traffic at airport( be more careful during festive season).

You will never be at loss by reaching early, instead, can get other advantages like exploring various shopping places or have amazing delicacies at the airport or relax in comforting lounges…. Airports are quite astonishing these days. Moreover, in case of any confusion regarding can be dissolved without any rush and anxiety of missing flight.

  1. Airport formalities

The journey from the terminal gate to your flight can lead to lead to dismay, especially for first-timers as the airport formalities can be a bit confusing and you can lose your way around the airport if you were unaware of the airport traditions.

  • Want to get through the terminal smoothly??? …….Always keeps your ticket handy along with one identity proof.
  • Trolleys are always stacked near the departures entrance for you, so put up your stuff on the trolley and run along with the airport freely.
  • Once you get inside the airport directly move into the direction of your airline section with your documents and get a boarding pass (which is very important) or even the seat of your choice(if you haven’t already chosen) from the check-in counter or a nearby electronic kiosk.
  • Head towards the security check for the scanning of your check-in baggage. For your security check, you need to place your belongings (except boarding pass) in the X-ray tray and pass through a metal detector. Don’t forget to collect your stuff from the tray.
  • Weighing is crucial for every airline and is done at this stage. For this, you have to get your checked-in baggage at the counter so that it gets tagged and sent off to the airplane.
  • Finally, move to your departure gate and wait for any information regarding your flight. It can be either done by announcement or flashed at the display board, so keep your eyes and ears out.
  1. Plane boarded

After completing the rigorous processing at the airport when you board your plane, look out for the seat number allotted to you or can take assistance from the crew members. Before getting settled on your seat you need to keep your hand baggage in the overhead bin close to your seat and handbag under the seat in front of you. After settling your belongings you can grab your seat put on your seat belt. Make sure to switch off your cell phone and listen each and every instruction carefully given by the flight attendant. 

  1. Reach your destination

Enjoying your first (or first in a long time) flight you reach your desired destination (India). Now, you have to face immigration and custom for the final time. Get your documents checked and then claim your baggage.

Now, move out of the airport and enjoy your vacations. Fly with Alexa Travel and enjoy every travel. Have a knowledgeable and safe journey!!!!

Best Airlines to Travel between USA and India

By alexatravel on September 27, 2019 Travel Tips

Planning a trip to India???

Whether it’s a sojourn to the magical land or a visit to home ….. a shiver rolls down through the body with the excitement of the anticipation of the upcoming vacations. Along with the entire itinerary the decision of choosing the best airlines is a mind-boggling task.
As your true travel companion, Alexa travel is here to guide you through the best airlines to travel across USA to India. We understand a long haul journey requires a lot more than a cheap flight; your convenience, service and especially meals and safety are significant factors in flight selection.


USA to India Flights Tickets

Being a non-stop flight from USA to India, Air India is the most favourable and desired airline. Moreover, the provisions like meals, beverages, staff-service, in-flight entertainment and comfort have fair ratings on Skytrax. So, you can always the exquisite Indian delicacies along with amazing entertainment options on your way.

Not to forget the flight accessibility from New York, Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, and several other American cities.
In addition to this, the most wanted feature is its baggage policy which allows you to carry at least 2 free bags of around 23 kg each.
The only downside is the lack of Wi-Fi facility in the flights.


Aircraft Commercial Airline Airplane Takeoff Jet

United Airlines with its fast and convenient service is another option for a long haul non-stop flight from USA to India availing a total of 14 to 15 hours flight from Newark to Mumbai and Delhi.

When it comes to the baggage policy, passengers are allowed to carry the first baggage, free of cost up to 23 kg and the 2nd luggage will cost you around $100.
Its higher price and lack of good Indian food or vegetarian food is the only drawback for this airline.


Plane Air Line Etihad Airport Istanbul Flight

Etihad enjoying quite a decent ranking on Skytrax is the cheap and best option with a connecting flight from Middle East.
With the baggage facility of 2 bags weighing 23 kg each you can enjoy decent Indian food on board.
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