an excursion with lufthansa

An Excursion With Lufthansa

One cannot reach the destination without a journey

Jaunt is the agglomeration of memorable moments of life and when we talk about air travel scads of memories and expectations explode. We at travel fly deals comprehend your desires and requirements and provide you best of the best.

So let’s give you an insight to one of the largest airline fleets in the world –LUFTHANSA.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (commonly known as Lufthansa) renders the services of total 700 aircrafts (combined with its subsidiaries) facilitating the comfort travel to more than 200 destinations in 78 countries all across the globe. The fleet of aircrafts generally consists of economy class, premium economy class, travel class, first class and business class providing their passengers every possible amenity of air travel.

Economy Class

Afraid of little legroom in ‘economy class’! Don’t be. Now, stretch your legs out comfortably thanking to the slim construction of the backrests.
Every comfort is considered for your long-haul flights, from comfortable seating to meals. Wider cushions (over 40 cm) provide you adjustable headrests.

Don’t just lean back and sleep on your comfy cushions, then you refrain yourself from the mind-blowing in-flight entertainment ranging from a tremendous selection of television programmes, international radio stations to the collection of latest movies( with movie snacks on selected routes.. yay!).

Lufthansa, the online airline in the world which discloses their menu to their guests prior to their boarding makes you enjoy your tailored meals(vegetarian, kosher or lactose free meals) in accordance with your departure and destination timings along with a vast selection of beverages.

We always want a little more of everything. More comfort, more service, more free baggage (definitely!) and for sure more personal space then ‘Premium Economy Class’ is for you.

Business Class

Become a spectator of an unimaginable comfort and service with Lufthansa’s Business Class. Your gratification becomes the priority with your first step at the airport initiating with lounge access (wide selection to make you feel good) and boarding. Experience the first-rate pleasure in additional free baggage exclusive in-flight meals whether you are going for long-haul or medium or even short-haul route.
Now, you must be thinking ….. All that glitters is not gold (budget!).

But this is gold. Have a glance to the exciting offers provided by the airline giant.

  • Choose any day of the week (a flight takes-off every day) to explore Europe and find guaranteed flight deals every time. If you plan in advance then get assured to have the best-value flights.

Started your planning??? No?? Then plan for February 2020 and fly from Delhi to Europe in just INR 43573.

  • Hamburg- a favourite holiday destination and a hub for business meets. You want to travel to Germany for one reason or the other, Lufthansa renders great deals to you to save hard cash every time you book a flight.

Planning an unforgettable journey to the heart of Europe in January….. Great! Just book now and avail the ticket from Mumbai to Hamburg in INR 44,178.

  • Wondered to go on vacation or have a stay at the fantasy land – North America. Don’t be afraid of high fares of air travel as Lufthansa is offering greatest deals to you. Grab the opportunity of taking a comfy flight at reasonable price in November 2019 from Mumbai to North America in just INR 86,779.
  • Human nature does not stop from being greedy! Not your fault….. Definitely not yours. With these fascinating offers why leave the awesomeness of South America. Take flight from Delhi to South America in October 2019 in as little as INR 91,503.

The extravagant services provided by Lufthansa incorporation hold booking which gives the privilege of paying the fare after 48 hours of booking.

A beautiful journey awaits you ……. Get ready with your baggage and hop aboard the mesmerizing journey for a long solitude or a great time among your family members with Alexa Travel. Find great rates on any Lufthansa airfare when you book with Alexa Travel and also visit for USA to India flight deals.



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