Places to visit while in Chicago

Places to visit while in Chicago

  1. MillenniumPark

Those that have affinity for nature, this is the best place to visit with their family and friends while vacationing in Chicago. The lush green Millennium Park a wide range of greenery to its passerbys that choose to travel to this place while on their way to the city streets. The Millennium Park has a wide range of sculptures which are an architecture molded out of grass. This is a major attraction for kids as they love to explore such places while on a  vacation. Make sure to visit this park with your little ones, for them to enjoy their stay in Chicago.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago

This art institute is a must visit for those who are art lovers. This institute of a delight for many that choose to visit this place while on their stay in Chicago. This institute of fine art has a wonderful display of around 300,000 masterpieces of artwork by well renowned artists from all aorund the world. The art exhibits here are breathtakingly beauty with a unique display of art in every culture and form. This place has a variety of Japanese artwork which has been framed beautifully. Make sure to visit this place as it will be a delight to your eyes and your mind on viewing these beautiful paintings.

  1. Riverwalk

If you are someone who is a lover of nature or river, Then make sure to go on a stroll to the River walk in order to soothe your senses. Who does not like the calming warmth of the river on a winter night? If you wish to experience this feeling while on your trip to Chicago then make sure to visit this place. Go on a walk alone or with your loved one to make memories of a lifetime while on your trip to Chicago. This river walk also has a market with is opposite to the Chicago River. You an either go on a stroll or go down a pub or go on a shopping spree while on your trip.

  1. Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is the most popular tourist destination in Chicago. Many choose to visit this place while on their holiday to Chicago. Make sure to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Giagantous ferrous wheel which a delight for many who choose to do sightseeing at this place. If you are a music lover, then this would be the best place for you as this Navy Pier offers live music which one can enjoy while exploring this beautiful place in Chicago. Also, this place is packed with restaurants so make sure to visit it to enjoy the yummy food while on your trip.

  1. John Hancock Observatory

This observatory is also know as the 360 Chicago. Many tourists from all aorund the world choose to visit this place while on their trip to Chicago. This John Hancock Observatory gives a complete 360 view of the whole of Chicago just from one place. Who would not like to see this breathtakingly beautiful view? This observatory gives you the full sight of the Chicago city being a 1000feet above the ground. Do not miss out on this, make sure to visit this place with your family and friends to enjoy the marvellous view of the city. You will be able to view upto five cities from this one place and also a part of Lake Michigan.

  1. Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate is  a world famous sculpture which was sculpted by an Indian artist. This is a major tourist attraction for many all around the globe. Many choose to visit Chicago only to come and see this breathtaking beauty. This masterpiece is placed at the very centre of the Millennium park so whoever visits the park will avail the benefits of exploring this cloud gate masterpiece while on their holiday trip to Chicago with their near and dear ones. It is situated near the Park Grill. If you’re unable to locate it, then ask anyone about the Park Grill and you will reach your destination in no time.

  1. John Hancock Center

If you wish to see a skyscraper while on your visit to Chicago then this center is your go to place to make the most of your trip with your loved ones. It is widely known as the 875 North Michigan Avenue and is a well known center throughout the world.  Many choose to explore the beauty of the city from the top of this skyscraper. The John Hancock Center is located in the Magnificent Mile District. Make sure to visit this while on your trip to Illinois, Chicago.

  1. Shedd Aquarium

This is an indoor aquarium which has a beautiful display of fishes of different species. Many people from all around the world come to see this aquarium full of fishes to see the wide range to fishes that are displayed in this place. The Shedd Aquarium has almost around 32,000 species of animals. It is well known as the largest indoor aquarium all around the globe. The beauty of aquatic life is what makes this a major attraction for many that choose to visit this aquarium while on their holiday trip to Chicago. This aquarium is present near the Lake shore area in Chicago.

  1. Brookfield Zoo

The Brookfield zoo is a major attraction for the little ones. If you are travelling with your children then make sure to visit this zoo while on your visit to Chicago. This is widely known as the Chicago Zoological park and is a well kept zoo. The zoo has a wide range of animals which are well taken care of and fed properly. Make sure to visit this Brookfield zoo and explore the wildlife culture that is readily available for the tourists that choose to pay a visit to the beautiful city of Chicago. This zoo has around 430 species of animals in it which are a major tourist attraction.





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