Cheapest Flight tickets for students

 Here’s how you can get online student travel discount

Are you a student???Are you a travel enthusiast and Want to go places???And looking for travel discounts?

If your answer is yes….. then your wait is over as your true travel companion Alexa Travel has come with some of the most amazing tips which you can heed to while booking a flight ticket.

The online territory is stuffed with certain astounding deals these days which you can grab by just keeping your eyes out and avail the unimaginable discounted airfares provided by various airlines as well as agencies, especially designed for scholars and undergraduates.

Now, to save you from burning the midnight oil for the daunting task of searching the appropriate and legit options for some super amazing deals for your low-pricing travelling across the oceans. Alexa Travel have captured a few DOs that can assist you in getting the best deals along with clearing your suspicions about traveling abroad. So, here’s the list for you.

Online Research

The key to be successful is lots and lots of research. There are many online agencies (beware! Few are authentic) where you can get some exclusive deals for students especially designated for scholars willing to attend school or college overseas.

A look on the offers is not sufficient……you need to consider a plethora of things before going for booking like some special sales, provisional discounts and even the best time for travelling to grab the low-fare tickets. Hence, to keep yourself updated you can refer to websites’ newsletters or can go for travel news, specifically for students.

Alexa Travel renders out-of-the ordinary deals for students for your study and for group travelling availing the hassle-free journey from USA to India.

Student Airfares

Are you under the age of 26??? If yes, congratulations you have scored the most cost-effective airfares.

Yeah…. It’s true. When you are enrolled in a school or college at overseas, you get the flexibility in air tickets (being a student) which are way cheaper as compared to the regular ones. To avail this superb deal you just have to sign up using your college email-id for the authentication and verification….. As simple as that.

Spring Break Deals

Spring break…. The name itself comes up with the traveling spirit. The urge to explore the world in this wonderful season develops. This is irrefutably the best time to visit family or even have some extra credits in your pocket with special courses from abroad.

Considering your suitability of travel many airlines along with travel agencies provide great discounts in this specific season which never fails to excite and motivate you for your new travel plans.


Want to study abroad…. But lacking in travel funds?? There’s no need to worry about. We have an outright solution for this problem also.

Drop your disappointment and go find some student help organizations which provide scholarships (enormous discounts) to the students willing to travel abroad. You just have to fulfill certain terms and conditions and get ready to fly.

The biggest question is where to find these charitable councils. Like the answer to every question…. Its social media. Keep track of the new schemes and criteria to earn a handsome discount.

International Student ID card

You are an international student. Do you have an international student ID card????

Get yourself enrolled as an international student to avail a specific identification card valid in more than 100 countries across the world and take the pleasure of exclusive student deals discounts in most of the public transports along with cost-effective deals for restaurants and shopping stores.

So what are you waiting for???

Book as soon as possible your ID card (specialized lottery ticket) by signing up on the official website of ISIC (your card takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to reach you after registration).

Student Discount

Never ever hesitate to ask for a student discounts anywhere you go in the world.

I repeat… never!!!

Almost every other place across the globe such as libraries, museums, exhibitions, entertainment parks, monuments offers student travel discount with just a glimpse of your student ID card.

So never miss out the benefit of being a student. My young, proactive wanderers….. start packing your bag …

Your expenses worries are over now!!! Book your flights from USA to India with Alexa Travel and get amazing deals especially designed for students.


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