Luxury Air Travel with Avianca

Go On a Luxury Air Travel With Avianca

Avianca’s establishment

Avianca is a world-famous airlines in Colombia. It came into existence in the year of 1919 on the 5th of December. And it has been carrying a multitude of passengers ever since then. Avianca has its base at Bogota and has its major hub at the El Dorado International Airport. Avianca is the largest airline that is functioning in Colombia. And it is well known as the second-largest functioning airline in Latin America.

Avianca- A member of the star alliance

Becoming a member of the star alliance was what gave Avianca the boost it needed to get more passengers to fly with the Airline from the U.S to India. Star Alliance is one of the world’s largest alliances in terms of companies providing air travel. This star alliance was established in the year 1997 on the 14th of May. It has its base in Frankfurt.

Luggage allowance for Avianca Airlines

  1. For Domestic flights:

Tourist class:

For Adults: Those adults traveling with Avianca in tourist class are permitted to carry 23 Kgs of weight. They are allowed to carry one piece of luggage which has to weigh up to 23Kgs. In case the weight is more than 23Kgs, then the passenger will be charged extra for the extra weight per Kg the passenger is carrying.

For Children: All children between the age group of 2 to 12 years are allowed to carry one standard piece of bag. It should weigh 23Kgs according to the Baggage allowance policy given by Avianca airlines. If the weight of the bag is more than the mentioned 23Kgs, the passenger will be charged extra for each extra Kg they are carrying.

For Infants: All infants between the age group of 0 to 2 years are permitted to carry on a piece of standard luggage of weight 10 kgs.


For Adults: Those adults traveling with Avianca in business class are permitted to carry two standard pieces of luggage weighing 32Kgs each. The overall weight of the luggage is supposed to sum up to 32 plus 32 each. In case there is any difference in the weight according to the baggage policy set by the Avianca airlines, the traveler will be charged an extra amount for every extra Kg that they will carry.

For Children: Those children between the age group of 2 years to 12 years are allowed to carry two standard pieces of luggage each weighing 32 Kgs. The weight has to be exact in the case of the business class. In case the passenger is carrying any extra weight more than the mentioned 32Kgs then they will have to pay extra for the additional luggage that they are carrying.

For Infants: All infants between the age group of 0 to 2 years are permitted to carry on a piece of standard luggage of weight 10 kgs.

Check-in for Avianca Airlines

Say no to the ques at the airport with the online check in facility available for you at Avianca airlines.

The online check in service at Avianca airlines is applicable only for:

Those passengers that have confirmed their air ticket booking and have a printed ticket. All the disabled passengers can make the most of this facility as they won’t have to stand in the ques.

In case you require a special service then you can avail the benefits of this online check-in E-tickets. Do you wish to know the services which you can expect from us if you choose to travel with Avian airlines? Book cheap flight now with Alexa Travel and get ready to cherish the adorable moment at affordable range.

Get the best offers:

Avianca Airlines deals offer ultimate services on the ground and in flight.

Assistance for minors: For unaccompanied minors, we offer:

  • Check-in assistance,
  • Private escort to the boarding gate and
  • Travel coordinated with cabin crew.

Extra luggage:

We also allow extra baggage and a stroller or bassinet for passengers traveling with infants along with an option of avail a limited number of cribs available on board.

Special attention for ill patient travelers:

Avianca Airlines also provides special assistance such as a limited medical oxygen supply service, oxygen concentrator uses permit, passenger-provided incubators, and stretchers on board besides paying extra attention to pregnant women and passengers with serious illness.

Avianca Travel Classes:

  • Avianca Airlines has both Economy and Business Class travel options for the convenience of its passengers.
  • You can opt for more space at the front of the cabin through AM Plus, an Economy Plus option or enjoy in-seat power, fully flatbed reclining seats teamed with a personal on-demand entertainment system at the Premier segment.

Welcome our loyalty program at Avianca!

Club Premier is the free loyalty program designed to give you incredible rewards and premier points just for flying with Avianca Airlines or by purchasing goods or services through any of its partners. It also has pet’s special baggage, baggage wrapping services and track lost baggage services.

The Most Digital Airlines of Colombia

Avianca believes in digital innovation to improve flight experiences.

  • We’re the first airlines to introduce Netflix access to our aircrafts. Our -in-flight Wi-fi services are amazingly fast so you browse the internet, send mails, and remain in touch with your friends and family during your travel.
  • Avianca airlines’ internet facilities are sponsored by Panasonic and Gogo Vision. iv.We’re continuously entering into new partnerships, making upgrades and efforts to improve our digital facilities:

Avianca airlines co-sponsored the launch of Mass Challenge in Colombia

We’ve completely overhauled our website to further simplify the Avianca Bookings Process for our passengers. The Avianca Customer Service staff is tech-savvy, and digitally equipped to resolve all your queries in the shortest and most efficient ways.


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