First Time Flyers: Here’s a Travel Guide From USA to India

By alexatravel on October 9, 2019 Travel Tips
Best Flight Deals For First Time Flyer  From USA to INDIA "Are you going to board the flight for the first time??? Even going for air travel after so many years feels like the first time. As an airport virgin, a few…..naahh…. many thoughts must be hovering in your mind. The dilemma of what to pack and what formalities you need to follow at the airport because all the airport juggling is quite a daunting task. But there’s nothing to worry about when your travel companion Alexa Travel is here...Read More

Experience The Amazing Dussehra Festivities

By alexatravel on October 7, 2019 Travel Tips
Experience The Amazing Dussehra Festivities It’s that time of the year again….. Fervour prevails all over India and people are immersed in elegant ethnicity and souls with emotions. Fun….rituals…… traditions…… feast…… pomp…… colours…. burning of Ravana’s effigies…. Fanfare…… pageantry…….The victory of good over evil. Vijayadashami (or dussehra), a perfect combination of delectation with culture makes everyone spell-bound with its ecstasy and then a story-teller. Alexa Travel is here to give you a deep insight into the marvellous celebrations of Dussehra at the 5 best places in India. Roll up your...Read More

Best Airlines to Travel between USA and India

By alexatravel on September 27, 2019 Travel Tips
Planning a trip to India??? Whether it’s a sojourn to the magical land or a visit to home ….. a shiver rolls down through the body with the excitement of the anticipation of the upcoming vacations. Along with the entire itinerary the decision of choosing the best airlines is a mind-boggling task. As your true travel companion, Alexa travel is here to guide you through the best airlines to travel across USA to India. We understand a long haul journey requires a lot more than a cheap flight; your convenience,...Read More

Best Time to Fly From USA to India

By alexatravel on September 18, 2019 Travel Tips
Best Time to Fly From USA to India Whether you are an avid traveller or planning the journey to beat the blues or on a business tour…….. The first question while booking a flight ticket that pops up into the mind ….. Is it the appropriate time??? Followed by …… how can I save the expenditure of such hefty amount on the air tickets?? When it comes to travelling to India, the tremendous geographical and climatic variation makes it a little mind-boggling to decide for an ideal time to fly...Read More